How can woman deliver baby after 4 months of marriage? Tamil Nadu to conduct surrogacy probe after actor Nayanthara welcomes twins

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Chennai: Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma Subramanian has said that an inquiry will be conducted following a row that emerged over the twin babies born to south Indian superstar Nayanthara and her husband and director Vignesh Sivan.

The couple announced on Sunday that they have become parents of twin boys. Even though the couple did not make any official statement, there were reports that the babies were conceived through surrogacy.

Several questions were raised as to whether the surrogacy laws applicable in the country were followed by Nayanthara and Vignesh. It may be noted that the couple got married four months ago.

Tamil Nadu Health Minister, Ma Subramanian during a press conference on Monday evening said that surrogacy law is itself subjected to a lot of debates.

He said that those who are above 21 years of age but under 36 are eligible for surrogacy with the consent of their families.

The Health Minister said that an inquiry will be conducted and he would instruct the Director of Medical Services to conduct an inquiry.

Subramanian told IANS: “An inquiry will be conducted and I will be directing the Medical Services Directorate to conduct an inquiry into the same.”

In India, commercial surrogacy is banned and the criteria are that the surrogate should be at least married once and should have her child.

According to the latest surrogacy regulation bill, with effect from January 25, 2022, the idea is the prohibition of commercial surrogacy.

Only altruistic surrogacy would be allowed wherein except for the medical expenses and the insurance cover of the surrogate, no other charges or expenses would be covered by the couple who engages the surrogate.

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