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Hindu Manch appeals Jammu: Donate money to defend rape accused or suffer Muslim invasion


Srinagar, May 15: Hindu Ekta Manch, the rightwing group formed to support the accused in the Kathua rape and murder, is overtly flaring up anti-Muslim sentiments in Jammu to raise funds.
Manch, which shot to infamy by organising a rally in support of the accused, has appealed people to donate money for creating “a corpus of fund to meet the legal expenses” in the rape-and-murder case of the 8-year-old.
“You are aware that we have to move the Supreme Court of India to order a CBI enquiry to find the real culprits in the murder and alleged rape of an 8-year-old girl. For ensuring this, we have constituted a team of lawyers to file the due petition in the Supreme Court of India at the earliest,” read the appeal issued on Tuesday.
The CBI enquiry “has become a critical requirement in the case”, the Manch has pleaded.
“Real culprits have to be nailed and innocents falsely implicated in the case freed. The CBI enquiry is also critically needed to unearth the bigger conspiracy behind the murder,” it stated.
As per the group, the whole issue was “used to harass” the people of Rasana and the adjoining villages to the extent that they were “forced to abandon their homes and hearths and shift to some other place.”
“In case this happens, there will be an immense boost to the Muslim demographic invasion of this area in particular and Jammu region in general,” it said.
“Changing the demographic complexion of Jammu is part of the Jihad being waged on Hindus.”
“In the light of these dangers forcing a CBI enquiry into the Rasana case assumes immense importance.”
The Manch, while appealing the people to “donate generously”, said it has to have “enough resources so that best legal team is mobilised to successfully plead the case before the Supreme Court of India”.