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Higher Education

April 2, 2024
Amar Singh College

It is good to note that the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed a surge in the establishment of degree colleges in recent years. The establishment of these colleges is aimed at expanding higher education access across the region. The Ministry of Home Affairs too had expressed satisfaction with the construction progress of the 50 new degree colleges in Jammu and Kashmir. These efforts align with the National Education Policy 2020 guidelines, which emphasize the importance of infrastructure development and quality education delivery. However, concerns have been raised regarding the infrastructure and permanent campuses for these colleges. As per recent media reports, the Jammu and Kashmir Higher Education Department has acknowledged the infrastructure deficit, lack of permanent campuses and land issues plaguing several newly established degree colleges in the region. Out of the 140 colleges in Jammu and Kashmir, around 50 colleges are grappling with these challenges, hindering their effective functioning and growth. In this regard, Director Colleges Dr. Yasmeen Ashai has stated that the screening committee has been established to oversee the creation of permanent campuses for colleges lacking infrastructure. Dr. Ashai emphasized the implementation of the 3+1 system in colleges, providing students with flexibility in their educational journey while ensuring quality education. To ensure the successful establishment and growth of degree colleges in Jammu and Kashmir, the government must prioritize infrastructure development. Infact, infrastructure development in newly established degree colleges in Jammu and Kashmir is crucial for boosting academic excellence and promoting overall growth and development. The government must prioritize quality over quantity to ensure that infrastructure initiatives effectively meet the needs of students, faculty and the community. One of the key areas of focus is land acquisition and construction. Expedited processes for acquiring land and constructing permanent campuses are essential to provide students and faculty with conducive learning environments. By accelerating these efforts, colleges lacking infrastructure can quickly establish facilities that meet educational standards and support academic activities. Furthermore, adequate funding and resource allocation are essential for successful infrastructure development. The government must allocate sufficient funds and collaborate with relevant stakeholders to streamline funding channels and accelerate construction projects. By prioritizing financial resources, infrastructure initiatives can progress efficiently and effectively meet the needs of educational institutions. Embracing technology-driven solutions is another vital aspect of infrastructure development. By leveraging digital platforms for project management, monitoring, and resource allocation, the government can enhance efficiency and transparency in infrastructure initiatives. Technology integration facilitates effective communication and decision-making, enabling stakeholders to oversee projects and address challenges proactively. Also, implementing robust quality assurance measures, such as regular inspections, audits, and performance evaluations, ensures that infrastructure projects meet predefined standards and deliver optimal outcomes. By prioritizing quality, the government can safeguard investments and enhance the long-term sustainability of infrastructure assets. Moreover, investing in skill development and capacity building is essential for the success of infrastructure initiatives. Enhancing the capacity of the local workforce through skill development programs and training initiatives strengthens the construction industry and leads to sustainable development practices.

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