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High Blood Pressure: 5 Worst Things You Can Do

High blood pressure is a condition in which a person’s blood pressure levels rises to unhealthy levels. Blood pressure is measured by considering how much blood passes through your blood vessels and the resistance with which blood meets while heart pumps. There will be an increase resistance in case of narrow arteries. Blood pressure will increase as and when the arteries get narrower. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension is a very common health condition. The condition doesn’t develop in a day or two. It is a process of several years which leads to a person having high blood pressure.

Increased blood pressure can make you more prone to risks of heart diseases. Symptoms of blood pressure are mostly unnoticeable. But living with high blood pressure can damage blood vessels and organs. Heart, brain, eyes and kidneys are the organs which are most affected by high blood pressure.

While people with high blood pressure should be careful about foods to eat and avoid, here we talk about the worst things that a person with high blood pressure can do. Read on…

  1. Not losing weight

Conditions like high blood pressure can be controlled only by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. Exercising regularly is important for people with high blood pressure. They should aim towards eating smaller portions of foods and eat only foods which will help in improving the condition.

  1. Not cutting down on sugar

Another blunder which people with high blood pressure can commit is not cutting back on sugar. Sugar is nothing but empty calories. People with high blood pressure should reduce intake of sugary drinks, desserts, flavoured yogurt, cereals and energy drinks.

  1. Not adding healthy foods to diet

It will be considered as sheer ignorance if you have high blood pressure and you continue to eat unhealthy food including junk and fried food. People with high blood pressure should be extremely careful about limiting consumption of salt as far as possible. Processed and packaged foods are a big no-no if you have high blood pressure. People with high blood pressure should aim at eating more than 7 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables initially. Eating a healthy diet is important for people who have high blood pressure.

  1. Not monitoring blood pressure regularly

Prevention is better than cure. The best way to keep conditions like high blood pressure at bay is by regularly monitoring your blood pressure levels. Early detection of high blood pressure can prevent complications related to the condition. You can either visit your doctor to monitor your blood pressure or you can buy a blood pressure cuff and monitor your blood pressure levels at home.

Regular monitoring of blood pressure levels will help you be more aware of your health so that you can take the necessary steps accordingly.

  1. Not quitting smoking and alcohol

It will be mere negligence on part of a person with high blood pressure to continue smoking and drinking alcohol despite being aware of the condition.

Smoking is harmful for health in many ways. When it comes to blood pressure, chemicals in tobacco can cause serious damage to body tissues and harden the walls of blood vessels.

Not giving up on alcohol can lead to weight gain and raise blood pressure