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Here’s How Apples Help In Keeping Your Lungs Healthy

Apples have many health benefits. And one of the many health benefits of eating apples is that they good for the lungs. For effective functioning of lungs, you need foods rich in Vitamin C, E, beta carotene, apples, fruit juices and citrus fruits. But researchers say that benefits of apples depend on a person’s lifestyle such as his/her history of smoking, exercising and a person’s body mass index. Studies have shown that eating around 5 or more apples in a week can improve functioning of lungs. They say that people who ate apples regularly have a better and improved lung capacity as compared to those who did not eat apples regularly.
Experts say that eating apples regularly can significantly bring down the natural decline in functioning of lungs which happens with ageing. This can be done by increasing intake of apples in the short-term.
But it is also to be kept under consideration that eating apples is healthier than drinking apple juice. Celebrity nutritionist Nmami Agarwal agrees and says, “Apples have many benefits and one of the benefits is that they are good for lungs. They are high in fibre and you need a lot of chewing time for eating apples. Lungs function well if you have foods that are rich sources of antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and beta carotene.”
“All of these nutrients are present in apples,” says Nmami while adding that you should eat apples and not drink apple juice. “Making an apple juice out of an apple takes all of its nutrients away and leaves behind only empty calories. It is only when you eat apples that they will be beneficial for you and for your lungs,” explains.
Apples are rich in antioxidants. They have an antioxidant flavonoid known as quercetin. Quercetin is also available red wine, tea and onions. The flavonoid is known to have properties which can offer protection to lungs from harmful effects of air pollution and cigarette smoke.
When you have high levels of antioxidants circulating in the blood, it may enable the body to deal with inflammatory reactions in a better way. Any particles that reach the body through foreign invaders – such as pollutants in the air – can cause inflammation in the lungs. It leads to free radicals in the body which can cause a possible damage to tissues.
Eating antioxidants like those in apples enable the body to get rid of these free radicals before they can cause damage in the body.
(Nmami Agarwal is a celebrity nutritionist)