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Help others


Eid-ul-Azha or the Eid of sacrifice is being celebrated across the world today and tomorrow. In Kashmir too, there is a festive mood amid a raging pandemic and threats of a looming third wave. The back to back lockdowns and its larger impact on the economic scenario in the valley is not a secret anymore. We all know that people across the region are seeing one of the worst phases in recent history. While covid-19 devoured thousands and infected millions in Kashmir, it also dented badly the already struggling economy here. Go anywhere and you will find businessmen talking of lack of money in the markets, and how reluctant people are in spending it. As we celebrate Eid amid these extraordinary times, we all should remember to help those in need and offer our hand to the needy with a thought that it is our responsibility to do so. Thousands of people have died this year too as hospitals witnessed full occupancy in the catastrophic second wave. There is no second thought to the role of NGOs who are working day and night during the current pandemic for those in need. Now it is our individual responsibility as well to come forward and help the people in our neighbourhood and surroundings who are currently suffering due to the ongoing crisis. We must reach out to the needy around us. Is there a family in your neighbourhood that you haven’t seen in a while?  A student in a strange new city?  Let us find out how our neighbours, relatives and poor people are preparing to celebrate the Eid. Even the smallest gesture of kindness can make a huge difference in someone’s life.  A lot of people are in dire need of money. Let’s reach to them and help them so that they can feed their children and families on this Eid. The pandemic has cost many people their jobs. Their earnings have stopped for the last two years so one must find those who are in need but could not ask out of their self-respect. Our world abounds with such people. Finding them this Eid and giving them whatever little we can is the noblest of the acts. Our small contribution could give happiness to thousands of people. All human beings deserve felicity and pleasure on this day. All human beings deserve to feed their families on this day. It is the day of celebration, holiday, happiness, love and peace. So contribute whatever you could, even a single penny of yours shall light up many lives and provide them with happiness on this auspicious day. Let us also try knowing whether any local charity is raising funds for humanitarian aid. We can make better use of social media platforms to call for financial help to the poor, sick and destitute. Let us all make efforts to help others celebrate this Eid.