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He posted a 20-sec video two days ago, and now Disney wants to hire him

Screengrab from the video posted by social media VFX star Julian Bass on Twitter (@thejulianbass)

A 20-year-old Georgia State University student has become an over-night social media star and is being talked about by some of the Hollywood’s noted names.

Julian Bass, who used to post his short videos on TikTok, decided to join the world of Twitter a few months back, and guess what, the decision seems to have finally paid off.


On July 2, Julian posted on his Twitter handle a 20-second video of him turning into his favourite super-hero characters.

Set to Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar,” the video shows off Julian’s deft and seamless VFX skills, his sense of humour as well as his acting chops in a visual tribute to his favourite heroes including a Jedi knight, Ben 10 and Spider-Man.

He captioned the video simply with the words, “If y’all can retweet this enough times that Disney calls, that’d be greatly appreciated.”

He may not expected it but the reaction has been insane.

The video has over 1.2 million likes with 5.2 lakh retweets. It has also caught the eye of some of the biggest names in Hollywood with replies and retweets from the likes of Oscar-winner Matthew Cherry, Guardians of the Galaxy helmer James Gunn, actor Josh Gad and Ben 10 voice actor Tara Strong. People tagged Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse director Peter Ramsey to see if he could help Bass in some way, he replied “Look at all those likes…he helped himself!!”

More than retweets, the official Lonely Island twitter account said it had forwarded the video to Disney and VFX giant Industrial Light & Magic, actor Zach Braff urged Gunn to “hire this man,” and yes, the video, eventually, caught the notice of Disney executive chairman Bob Iger himself, who replied, “The world’s gonna know your name!” 

“I jokingly asked for Disney and got the chairman himself,” Bass told The Hollywood Reporter over direct message late on Thursday. “I absolutely had no idea it’d get this big. I mean, I’ve always put 100% into the videos I make and they’re usually well received by those around me but nothing of this caliber,” he told Hollywood Reporter