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‘Green Drive’ in J&K

August 22, 2023
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The Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday witnessed the launch of ‘Green J&K Drive’. The event, which was launched by Lt Governor Manoj Sinha, serves as a beacon of hope for ecological conservation and sustainable development. This afforestation campaign, spearheaded by the Forests Department in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Jammu and Village Panchayat Plantation Committees, is a collective endeavor to rejuvenate and fortify the region’s green cover. The Lt Governor extended his congratulations to all the stakeholders involved, emphasizing the significant role they play in strengthening the local ecology and fostering a healthier society. In the span of three years, over four crore saplings have been planted as part of the Green J&K Drive, a testament to the commitment of the region towards enhancing its green credentials. This year, the ambitious goal is to plant an additional 1.75 crore plants, further securing the ecological stability of the region. The Lt Governor’s remarks underscore the pressing need to safeguard, preserve, and restore our natural resources and biodiversity. He also advised the IIM Jammu to install solar power to reduce the carbon footprint, bio-digester and plantation of medicinal plants in the campus and run similar campaigns in nearby villages with the help of students. These efforts are pivotal to ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come. Jammu and Kashmir, with its diverse forested areas covering a significant 55 per cent of its land, possesses a unique ecological wealth. Therefore, the imperative to align development with the responsible utilization of these natural resources cannot be overstated. The Green J&K Drive serves as a resounding call to action, reminding us of our solemn duty to protect and restore our environment. With climate change knocking at our doors, the campaign champions sustainable development and environmental preservation as the cornerstones of a brighter and greener future. The establishment of 17 Nagar Vans near urban areas is a noteworthy initiative, promising to enhance green cover in urban and peri-urban regions, providing a clean and healthy environment to urban dwellers. Furthermore, the commitment to establish city forests in all urban local bodies underscores the unwavering dedication to urban sustainability. One of the most significant achievements of this endeavor has been the successful inculcation of environmental consciousness among the populace. A growing realization has taken root – that nature is the ultimate lifeline for human survival. It is heartening to observe that people are assuming responsibility for safeguarding our environment, as they acknowledge that our existence is intricately woven into the tapestry of nature. In the face of the mounting challenges posed by climate change, the Green J&K Drive stands as a testament to the power of collective action and the resolve to forge a harmonious relationship between human development and environmental preservation. This initiative must serve as an inspiration not only for Jammu and Kashmir but for the entire nation. It underscores the urgent need for a whole-of-society approach to address the complex challenges of climate change and ecological conservation.

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