Govt warns against child labour, asks service providers to submit documents till Nov 15

Srinagar: The government has issued a warning to service providers of domestic helpers, stating that those who fail to submit necessary documents till November 15 will face imprisonment for one year.

Assistant Labour Commissioner, Srinagar, Arshid Qadir emphasized that the authorities have registered an astounding 100 per cent of domestic helper service providers and all of them have been enlisted under three crucial acts.

Assistant Labour Commissioner of Srinagar Arshid Qadir said, “We have registered more than 100 of service providers of domestic helpers, and we have registered them under three acts: the J&K Shops and Establishments Act, the Contract Labor Act, and the Industrial Mining Work Sector Act.”

He added that their registration has been done as per the prescribed and required documents.

“As some incidents happened last year, the district administration has acted swiftly in this regard, and as per their direction, all the service providers who are registered with the Labor Department under any of the above-mentioned acts have to complete some formalities,” he said.

“Until the 15th of November, the registered service providers under the Labor Department had to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from some departments, including the Child Welfare Committee and the Anti-Trafficking Committee, the Anti-Child Trafficking Unit of the police department,” he said, adding that, they have to provide the list of house owners where they have sent these domestic helpers, and the house owners themselves should also check whether these maids, servants, or others are registered with any department.

Replying to a query about those service providers who have not registered under the department and are hiring minors at home, Qadir added, “We have directed our field officers to take action under the law, and those who have minors in their homes will have to pay a fine of Rs 10,000 and face imprisonment for one year.”

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