Google Introduces .meme Domain for Users to Create Hilarious Websites on the Internet

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Google has introduced a new online domain named .meme, specifically designed for hosting amusing, intriguing, and relatable internet sensations known as memes. This move celebrates the widespread popularity of memes and aims to create a central hub for various meme-related websites.

In the launch week of .meme domains, Google Registry collaborated with six partners to showcase the diversity of meme-themed sites. Know Your Meme, a platform dedicated to tracking meme trends, unveiled its new sites and, focusing on the ever-evolving internet culture.

Fashion and lifestyle giant 10PM Curfew also joined in with and, combining fashion and humor in their content. Artist Rudy Willingham introduced, offering printable meme stickers for offline use.

Additionally, License.Meme and joined the .meme revolution, with the former being a licensing platform for famous memes and the latter providing guidance to brands on meme-based content strategies.

Tenor, known for GIFs and memes, introduced and, simplifying meme discovery and creation for everyone. Notably, iconic cat-themed memes found their homes at,, and, featuring Grumpy Cat, Keyboard Cat, and Nyan Cat respectively.

The .meme domains are currently available during an Early Access Period (EAP), with decreasing fees until December 5th, after which they will be obtainable at an annual base price through various registrars.

This new domain aims to be a vibrant space for meme enthusiasts, enabling the sharing of relatable moments, complex emotions, and random content, potentially even initiating social movements. It promises to be a creative playground where memes, known for their infectious, humorous, and sometimes absurd nature, can flourish in a dedicated online environment.

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