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G20 and tourism

May 23, 2023

G20 countries, representing some of the world’s largest economies, have converged in Kashmir for a historic meeting on tourism. This is for the first time since a one-day international cricket match in 1986 that an international event is being organized in Kashmir. As a venue for a G20 meeting, Kashmir must also absorb as much as it can and the local administration under LG Manoj Sinha’s leadership must strive to make the most of it. G20 countries can share successful strategies and best practices in tourism development, marketing, and sustainable tourism initiatives. This exchange of knowledge can help countries learn from each other and implement effective approaches to enhance their tourism industries. The G20 meeting in Kashmir must also look at simplifying visa procedures and promoting visa facilitation measures among member countries. It can significantly boost tourism. Visas and travel restrictions are a huge issue regarding Kashmir as far as travel is concerned. Streamlining visa processes, introducing e-visas, or implementing visa-free travel agreements can make it easier for tourists to visit multiple G20 countries, encouraging more cross-border travel. This meeting in Kashmir can also discuss collaborations on infrastructure development projects that support tourism growth. This includes improving transportation networks, expanding airport capacities, upgrading accommodation facilities, and creating more tourist attractions. Joint investment and knowledge sharing can accelerate infrastructure development and improve overall visitor experiences. Another key field among G20 can be collaborations in tourism research and development. Joint research projects, academic exchanges, and partnerships with tourism industry stakeholders can drive advancements in areas such as destination management, tourism technologies, and market trends analysis. Lastly, we must not forget that the G20 meeting in Kashmir is an international event focused on global tourism. While the venue is Kashmir, the topics and discussions to be discussed will be global and not just local. Our expectations as Kashmiris should also be based on the true nature and objective of this meeting. While Kashmir as a tourist destination will undoubtedly get much more attention, the delegates will be discussing global issues on tourism not just from the Kashmir point of view. It is also for our tourism players to know that Kashmir is a part of the world and not the other way around. Whatever discussions will be taken at this G20 meeting on tourism will be taken keeping in mind its global implications. For now, we can be happy that Kashmir, its people, and its administration managed to host a big international summit. Once again we are being mentioned as a promising, beautiful, and peaceful tourist destination. Natural beauty coupled with hospitality is our USP. Let us showcase our hospitability to our esteemed guests. Let Kashmir be `The Warmest Place on Earth’.

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