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Former wife of Imran Khan, explains why Pakistan has ‘psychos as leaders’


Islamabad :Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s former wife and British-Pakistani journalist Reham Khan is miffed over the “teaching & training” given in the country. Sharing a video, reportedly of a Pakistani airline captain scolding and abusing his junior colleague, Reham Khan said, “Then you wonder why we have psychos as leaders?”
Taking to microblogging site Twitter, Reham retweeted the video, posted by Pakistani journalist Hasan Zaidi, and said that it was an example of how people swear at young kids in schools and homes in Pakistan.
The former wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan tweeted, “This is what is wrong with all teaching & training in Pakistan. How can the first officer remain calm if the senior is swearing constantly at him. Risking lives of passengers. This is how we swear at young kids in schools & homes. Then you wonder why we have psychos as leaders?”
In the video shared by Reham Khan, a captain of a Pakistani airline can be heard abusing his first officer while training him about landing an aircraft. According to the tweet posted by Hasan Zaidi, the public announcement system of the aircraft was on when the senior official was abusing his junior repeatedly. He said that all the passengers could listen in to the conversation inside the cockpit of the aircraft.
Sharing the video, apparently filmed from inside the cockpit, on Twitter, Zaidi said sarcastically, “Pakistani airline captain affectionately and politely coaching his first officer on fineness of aircraft landing, forgets PA system is on and all passengers could listen in. On-the-job training is a many-splendoured thing.”
In the run up to the Pakistan general elections, Reham Khan had accused Imran Khan of promoting hate politics. Speaking to WION, she had said that Imran Khan was the biggest mistake of her life.