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Factors You Must Consider Before You Buy a Table Fan

table fan


Looking for an energy-efficient, portable, and economical cooling solution to beat the summer heat? A table fan is what you need. And while you may think that table fans have limited use such as cooling a small room or cabin, the fact is that a table fan can be used in several other ways. For example, you can use a table fan besides an air conditioner to boost the AC’s cooling. Similarly, you can use a table fan to build your in house air conditioner. All you need is a bowl of ice or an old sheet dipped in ice cold water.

These are just some of the many things you can do with a table fan. So if you don’t have a table small table fan already, here are a few factors that you should consider when looking to buy a table fan for your home/office. 


Fan Speed

The speed of a table fan is measured in RPM (rotations per minute). Higher the fan speed, more the air delivery. Table fans can be categorized into two major types – high speed table fans and normal speed table fans. If you buy a table fan from Luminous here are two options you can choose from. 

  1. Mojo Plus White Table Fan HS 40CM (400MM) (High Speed) with a 2100 RPM
  2. Mojo Plus White Table Fan 40CM(400MM) with a 1350 RPM.

Power Consumption

One of the main reasons people buy a table fan is to save on their energy bills. While table fans are mostly energy efficient, we still recommend you compare different fans to find out which fan is the most energy efficient. Table fans from Luminous range anywhere between 55W – 130W.

Oscillation Feature

The oscillation feature of a table fan is what makes it different from any other fan type. In fact, many people buy a table fan only because of this feature. The oscillation feature helps in circulating the air in a wider area. If one wants, they can switch off the oscillation feature and let the table fan circulate air in a particular direction. 

Weight (for Ease of Portability)

The weight of a fan is also an important factor to consider when buying a table fan. That’s because a lighter fan is easy to move around. So let’s say if you want to use the fan on your study table or office desk, and then use it later on your kitchen slab then then a light weight table fan is the most viable option.


Table fans are available in a wide range of materials ranging from brass to stainless steel to plastic. Every material has its own pros and cons, and therefore, you should be sure about the material before you buy a table fan. We recommend you take a look at Luminous table fans that are made of high grade engineering plastic that are aerodynamically designed to ensure smooth airflow along with a long range throw.

Air Delivery

Last but one of the most important factors to consider – air delivery. It’s the quantum of air that a fan discharges in any area. Air delivery of a table fan is measured in CMM (Cubic Meters per minute). A good air delivery for a table fan is anywhere around 75 CMM. If you do a comparison of models of different brands you would find that Luminous table fans stand apart.
Now that you know about all the factors to consider when looking for a small table fan, go ahead and buy a fan that suits your requirement the best. Happy Shopping!!