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Elucidating Parvez Gulshan’s ‘Ganj e Wahdat: Treasure of Unity’

January 2, 2024

Tousif Raza

The bond between Creator and creation extends beyond the surface, weaving through intricate internal realms. Within this connection lies a profound truth—every existence finds its genesis and culmination in a singular entity; there exists no deity but this essence. This understanding is not taught but inherent in our very existence. Islam, within its expansive facets, harmonizes beliefs and actions seamlessly. If deeds form the corporeal, beliefs reside as the ethereal soul essence within. Today, I expound on a verse representing a metaphoric state of unity termed ‘Wahdat ul Wajood’ in the tapestry of Sufi wisdom. ‘Ganj e Wahdat,’ the chosen verse, unveils its essence through each hue, a poem born from myriad spiritual insights. It elegantly illustrates that a journey of metaphorical love leads the seeker to the doorstep of authentic love. The poem underscores the pinnacle belief in faith: recognizing, examining, and embracing the singularity of the Divine sustains our very being. ‘Ganj e Wahdat,’ from a spiritual standpoint, embodies an enigmatic quality, illuminating solely the spiritual aspect, veiling its religious, social, cultural, and educational layers. Much like the Quran, wherein Allah proclaims in Surah Al-Ikhlas, ‘Say, He is Allah, [who is] One,’ this verse, by fulfilling its poetic duties, heralds the unity of Allah, the genesis of all, and celebrates His presence in every spectrum of existence. Let us proceed forth, yet, here we venture, immerse in the verse’s beauty to illuminate the path toward grasping its ethereal essence. Embrace the poem to discern its spiritual depths before our journey unfolds. Treasure of Unity Within Unity’s treasury, let me entwine, Thy locks strewn gently upon my countenance fair, That I may unravel light’s enigmatic sign, Eyes, sincere and bright as saintly prayer. In the harmony where your lips converge, Resides a narrative, unity’s tale complete, While seekers roam the woods in truth’s urge, From your rose-hued lips, unity’s essence fleet, Drops upon the earth, making God replete, And leaving the divine in profound awe. Bestow upon me your form, a sacrifice, To burn amidst desire’s unquenchable fire, To lose myself in emptiness, in a thrice, For emptiness holds no faith or pious attire, Place your silk-draped hand upon my chest dire, To grant me slumber’s rest and wakefulness’ lore. When laughter springs from thee, it does aspire, The light of supplication from each breaking tooth. Time, upon viewing my wounds, did surrender, But time knows not, your gaze fills voids entire, Overflowing emptiness, wounds tender, Remain as they are, wounds that never tire. The nonchalance within your smile, serene, Discards desires beyond my heart’s tight seam, I cast each yearning through my soul’s screen, Advancing to the field where our fates gleam. ( Translated from Urdu by Tousif Raza ) The poem “Ganj e Wahdat” delves into the realm of spiritual exploration through rich metaphors and evocative imagery. The poem intricately weaves together various symbolic elements to illustrate the pursuit of unity and spiritual enlightenment. The poet explores vivid descriptions to depict a quest for deeper understanding, symbolizing unity as a treasure sought after by the seeker. This pursuit is painted as a profound journey toward unraveling the mysteries of light, sincerity, and unity itself. Throughout the verses, the poet draws attention to the elements that contribute to unity’s essence. References to the locks of hair, lips converging, and the rose-hued essence dripping from the lips allude to the intimate connections and narratives that bind individuals together in a unified whole. These symbolic gestures reflect the interconnectedness and completeness found in unity. The yearning for unity is portrayed as a sacrificial act, a willingness to surrender oneself completely, even amidst the consuming flames of desire and emptiness. Emptiness, in this context, represents a state devoid of material desires or superficialities, allowing for a deeper connection to the spiritual realm. His admiration for the subject’s laughter highlights its transcendental quality, evoking a sense of supplication and spiritual elevation that radiates from within. Time’s surrender upon witnessing wounds emphasizes the timelessness and profound impact of the subject’s gaze, capable of filling voids and wounds that persist, yet remain untouched by time’s passage. The serene smile described as nonchalant symbolizes a detachment from worldly desires, urging the poet to cast away yearnings projected on the soul’s screen and embrace a path where fate and destiny converge. Ultimately, the poem unfolds as an exploration of the spiritual journey toward unity, weaving together themes of sacrifice, desire, emptiness, and the profound impact of a spiritually enlightened presence. Through its metaphoric language and vivid imagery, the poem invites readers to contemplate the transcendental nature of unity and the spiritual quests that encompass it. The poem Ganj e Wahdat celebrates the interplay of elements symbolizing unity, and love. Hair, eyes, and even lips are some metaphors used in the poem to symbolize a hidden truth and contrast seekers of truth with the purity of unity found within the beloved’s existence. The yearning for unity and the exploration of emptiness devoid of religious confines are central themes. The imagery of wounds, laughter, and indifference in the beloved’s smile further emphasizes the complexity of emotions within unity. The conclusion encapsulates the pursuit of unity’s grace and the sacredness it holds, underscoring the depth and richness of the original Urdu poem. After immersing myself in Parvez Gulshan’s poetry, a newfound hope ignites within my heart, echoing the belief that a profound essence lies within our soil, capable of illuminating our literature with spiritual aroma and fragrant, spiritual essence. This potential holds the promise of enhancing the beauty of our literary treasure. Seeing this potential, I yearn for Parvez Gulshan to become a voyager on the path of exploration, for Allah to unveil to him all the veiled secrets of this journey. Within these secrets lies the essence that truly illuminates these inner depths. His possession of an imagination that propels his soul into a sacred flight is remarkable. May Allah grace him to emerge as an exemplary poet…

The Author is an English literature student who hails from Tangmarg and can be reached at tousifeqbal555@gmail.com

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