Dunki and Salaar’s Clash Overshadows Aquaman 2’s Box Office Performance

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Salaar Aquaman Dunki

A few months ago, confirmation of the intense showdown between Dunki and Salaar stirred concerns for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the DC superhero film starring Jason Momoa. As expected, the movie encountered significant challenges at the Indian box office due to the fierce rivalry between Dunki and Salaar.

Despite being the second installment in the Aquaman series and the concluding chapter in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), the film, released just last Thursday, failed to meet expectations both domestically and globally. Criticism surrounding its weak storyline and screenplay plagued the movie, hampering its ability to leave a lasting impact. Its box office earnings in India reportedly remained below Rs. 20 crores.

While the first Aquaman film achieved success, its sequel struggled to maintain the initial hype, especially amid the rivalry with Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki and Prabhas’ Salaar.

James Wan’s direction of Aquaman 2 faced notable challenges at the Indian box office compared to its performance in its native market. Meanwhile, Salaar and Dunki continued their robust box office performances, effectively captivating their respective target audiences.

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