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Dream Project

August 31, 2023
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The Holistic Agriculture Development Policy introduced by the Jammu and Kashmir government holds the promise of transforming the lives of farmers in the region in several significant ways. Recently, Principal Secretary Agriculture Production Department, Shailendra Kumar held an interactive meeting with Board Members of J&K Advisory Board for Development of Kisans to discuss the various schemes and policies implemented by the government for the benefit of farmers. Holistic Agriculture Development Policy, Kumar said is the ‘dream project’ launched by the government. He said it has been conceived by ‘big think tanks’, and after its complete implementation on the ground will definitely change the lifestyle of our farmers. He further said that the government is committed to the welfare of farmers and will leave no stone unturned to improve their lives. He urged farmers to come forward and avail the benefits of the various schemes and policies implemented by the government. The policy focuses on diversifying agricultural practices and introducing high-value crops, which can potentially lead to increased incomes for farmers. By optimizing land use and promoting the cultivation of high-yielding and market-driven crops, farmers can expect better financial returns. The policy emphasizes the adoption of modern and sustainable agricultural practices. This includes the use of advanced technologies, organic farming, and efficient water management. As a result, farmers will witness improved crop yields and resource utilization. The policy places a strong emphasis on establishing efficient market linkages for farmers. This will help them access larger markets, receive fair prices for their produce, and reduce dependency on middlemen. Farmers can look forward to selling their products at competitive rates. To ensure the successful implementation of the policy, the government will invest in farmer training and skill development programs. Farmers will receive the necessary knowledge and training to adopt modern farming techniques and technologies. Beyond crop cultivation, the policy encourages diversification into allied sectors like horticulture, livestock, and agri-processing. This diversification can provide additional income sources for farmers, reducing their dependency solely on traditional farming. The policy’s focus on sustainable agricultural practices, including organic farming and soil health management, will lead to the preservation of natural resources and long-term environmental sustainability. This benefits not only farmers but also the entire ecosystem. As farmers’ incomes increase and their agricultural practices become more efficient, their overall quality of life is expected to improve. This includes better access to education, healthcare, and other essential services. By making agriculture more profitable and sustainable, the policy will help in reducing rural-to-urban migration. Farmers will have stronger incentives to continue farming in their native regions, leading to the preservation of rural communities.  Therefore, the Holistic Agriculture Development Policy has the potential to revolutionize farming in Jammu and Kashmir. Through a combination of modern practices, financial support, market access, and skill development, farmers can expect an improved standard of living, increased incomes, and a more sustainable agricultural future. The authorities should ensure that all farmers of the union territory are roped in and made to avail the benefits of the policy for the transformation of the farming sector.

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