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‘Don’t expect Don without Shah Rukh Khan’: Fan’s responses pour in as Farhan Akhtar unveils Don 3 update following reports of Ranveer Singh stepping in for SRK

August 8, 2023

“Farhan Akhtar Unveils Anticipated Don 3 Announcement on Social Media: Fans Express Concerns Over Ranveer Singh Replacing SRK

Social media was abuzz as Farhan Akhtar finally shared the long-awaited news about Don 3, the upcoming installment of the popular franchise. The filmmaker tantalized fans with a title reveal and the iconic background score, yet left out any details about the cast and crew. Recent rumors have circulated about Ranveer Singh potentially stepping into Shah Rukh Khan’s shoes for the film, a notion that has left many fans discontented.

Almost immediately after the announcement, the hashtag #NoSRKNoDon started trending on Twitter. On Instagram, the comments section of Farhan’s post became a platform for Shah Rukh’s admirers to voice their feelings. One comment read, “It’s inconceivable to envision Don without Shah Rukh Khan,” while another expressed, “This wasn’t what people had in mind when they were eagerly awaiting Don 3.” Numerous fans expressed skepticism about Ranveer’s ability to match SRK’s performance in the franchise, with a comment even remarking, “Expecting a Khilji-like portrayal from Ranveer,” referring to his role in Padmaavat.

Twitter was inundated with memes capturing the disappointment of Shah Rukh’s supporters upon learning of the Don 3 revelation and their unease with Ranveer’s alleged casting. The memes playfully teased the new lead and lamented Shah Rukh’s absence.

Farhan Akhtar had directed the first two installments of Don, both starring Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role, alongside Priyanka Chopra and Boman Irani. The inaugural Don was a reimagination of Amitabh Bachchan’s 1978 blockbuster of the same title. The movies achieved immense success, with Shah Rukh’s contemporary portrayal of Don earning widespread acclaim.

Fans had been eagerly anticipating Don 3 since the release of the second installment in 2011. However, the film was shelved due to the prior commitments of both Farhan and Shah Rukh. Earlier this year, reports indicated that Farhan had expressed his eagerness to revive the franchise and had approached Shah Rukh. Nonetheless, the actor purportedly declined to reprise the iconic character, citing a preference for large-scale, action-packed films. While neither Farhan nor Shah Rukh officially confirmed or refuted these reports, subsequent rumors indicated that Farhan was in discussions with Ranveer Singh to undertake the titular role.”

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