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Does Eating Junk Food Give You A Bad Breath?

We all love junk food; but who would like the consequences the oh-so-tasty meal brings along? We are talking about weight gain, obesity, heart problems, diabetes and bad breath. Yes you heard us! Even if you skip the onions in your burgers, there is a chance you may be left with a bad breath that doesn’t go away easily. There’s a study published in the Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine that found that young people who frequently binge on fast food, that is at least thrice a week, are more likely to suffer from bad breath or halitosis as compared to those who ate junk food less frequently. Now, if you wonder why this bad breath has left you embarrassed, probably your junk food eating habit is the culprit. We tell you why!Junk food items may taste heavenly. While they wreak havoc on your body and overall health, they are also responsible for taking a toll on your oral health. Bad breath, sores and gum diseases are some of the conditions that junk foods can be blamed for. One of the main reasons for this is that since most junk and fast foods lack proper minerals and vitamins, bacteria and germs tend to reside in such places, thereby causing such oral health problems.
Hard to Digest Junk Foods
These foods are mostly hard to digest and tend to cause a build-up of gas. This gas is released through the mouth, causing a pungent smell that can only be masked through gums and mints.
Oils In Junk Foods Can Cause Acidity
The oils in junk and fast foods make you more likely to suffer from acidity, which in turn may lead to gastric reflux, which is a major contributor of bad breath.
Conditions Like Diabetes May Only Add to the Problem
If you have an underlying condition like diabetes, the smell can get worse. The bacteria in your mouth tend to feed on sugar, and higher levels of sugar are associated with diabetes that give the bacteria plenty to feed on, further allowing the bacteria to multiply.
If you have an underlying condition like diabetes, the smell can get worseYour diet plays a major role in keeping your oral health in check. If you are dealing with bad breath due to excessive consumption of junk foods, it’s time you switch to healthier alternatives and save yourself from being embarrassed. Eat a lot of fresh veggies and fruits to reduce the risk of bad breath significantly. Eating apple can be an excellent way to freshen your mouth as it contains compounds that can inhibit the activity in your mouth. Try eating oranges and strawberries; the vitamin C content in these fruits creates an acidic environment in the mouth that makes it difficult for the bacteria to grow and thrive. Here are more foods that you can eat to treat bad breath.