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Doctors at Gousia hospital perform rare Canal of Nuck hernia surgery

Srinagar: In a rarest of rare cases, a challenging case was successfully operated upon by surgeons at Government Gousia Hospital, Khanyar in Srinagar.

A 19-year-old female from Srinagar was diagnosed as a case of female inguinal hernia.

According to a spokesperson of the hospital, inguinal hernia in female also known as Hernia of Canal of Nuck is rarely seen.

Inguinal hernias are commonly seen in males.

This surgery was planned as per principles in Standards Surgery textbooks for the patient.

“During the operation, a single sac was identified, dissected and deposited back into peritoneal cavity. During the operation, two sacs were found on either side of round ligament. One having omentum as a content and other sac having ovary. Both sacs were seperately ligated without ligating round ligament,” the spokesperson added.

This was new principle applied in this case, never reported in the world, he said.

The team of surgeons included Consultant Surgeon Dr Imtiaz Wani, Senior Surgeon Dr Nadeem Agha, Dr Wasem Lone and Dr Umar.

Dr Rohana Ali was the expert gynecologist in this case.

Anesthetists included Consultant Dr Massod Rashid and Dr Salim Javeed.

OT Technicians were Jahan Ara, Imtiyaz, Ishrat, Ashraf and Farooq.

Dr Saika Ambrren was Radiologist who diagnosed this case.

“Highly thankful to Dr Tariq Jan MS Gousia Hospital and CMO Srinagar Dr Jehjangir Bakshi for persistent moral support and for motivation of achieving best surgical care,” the spokesperson added.