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Detox Or Cleanse? Know Which One Is Better For Your Body?

May be you had a good long weekend indulging in glasses full of drinks, creamy pasta, other junks and fried foods while gulping down unnecessary calories and putting on unwanted and unrealized weight. And later on ending up with such a weekend, you also might wake up with an unforeseen guilt. That’s where detoxifying and cleansing plans occur in your mind to get back to your previous weight. However, opting for detox and cleanse can differentiate as per your requirement due to having its respective reasons, process and results.

Detox vs Cleanse


The terms detox and cleanse are often used interchangeably creating misconception amongst people making them to choose over wrong plans. Let’s unveil the distinction between detox and cleanse which will help you make the appropriate choice to invest your time and resources in order to reach out your most favorable health goals.


Detox supports your body’s natural toxin-eliminating process and considering liver and kidneys being the body’s main detoxifying centers, a good detox plan must focus on supporting your liver and kidneys by supplying them the significant nutrients acquiring in foods to make them function optimally. This process typically includes the herbal supplementation, consumption of natural detox foods and drinks. The goal of detox plans/ programs is to flush out the toxins from the body we are all exposed to. Now the toxins can be in the form of pesticides from foods, smoking, environmental toxins, rapid use of plastic products and mercury excess from eating too much of tuna. At last, detoxifying involves a change in diet and lifestyle.


Cleanse plan basically focuses more in cleansing your digestive tract and removing the waste product (unused food) on an external level through the passage of colon. A cleansing plan can be simply incorporated in your diet by swapping allergenic and irritating foods with the diet which is comparatively lighter to have that also helps in speeding up the digestive process.

Both, detox and cleanse plans are grounded in the idea eliminating unwanted elements out of the system. Either through a liquid diet with frequent water consumption or giving the digestive system a break from a regular diet or by adding up foods aiding in eliminating unwanted elements resulting miraculously with notable weight loss, positive body energy and glowing skin. The only problem that occurs is differentiation between detox and cleanse and making the right choice. Hope this blog has helped you in understanding a visible differentiation in a better way. So, from next, before opting any of the plans, do make a through read and choose what you need!