Cracks in INDI alliance to be seen in JK too: DSR

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Srinagar: Devender Singh Rana, a senior BJP leader, asserted on Wednesday that the internal discord within the INDI Alliance at the national level will soon manifest in its Jammu and Kashmir faction. Rana attributed the coalition’s unity to a shared ‘hate-Modi syndrome’ and a thirst for power among the allies, emphasizing that while the BJP prioritizes the nation, these opportunistic allies prioritize self and family, leading to an inevitable disintegration.

Speaking at the Shakti Vandan Workshop at the BJP Headquarters in Reasi, Rana highlighted that traditional rivals have joined forces following public rejection due to their opportunistic politics, nepotism, and favoritism.

Rana compared the faltering unity of the INDI Alliance, despite ideological differences, to the destiny of Jammu and Kashmir allies, predicting their eventual breakup due to people’s indifference towards their reactionary tendencies that once fueled unrest in Kashmir.

He criticized the opportunism of the local allies, recalling how the National Conference, now part of the alliance, had previously referred to its current partners as ‘worms of the gutter.’ Rana emphasized that these alliances are driven by compulsion, frustration, and dejection, seeking relevance in local politics.

As the INDI Alliance struggles nationally after Nitish Kumar’s departure, Rana believes that Jammu and Kashmir allies are on the brink of disintegration due to people’s disinterest, particularly those who have stakes in peace for the continuity of development, tourism, and economic activities.

Rana pointed out that the actors who once promoted unrest and instigated stone-pelting in the Valley for their political agendas now stand exposed and rejected by the people. He emphasized the positive changes witnessed in the past four years, with peace leading to economic activities without the obstacles of uncertainty.

Highlighting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s transformative vision for Jammu and Kashmir, Rana expressed that people understand the intent of converting the region from a terror hotspot to a tourism hub, bringing positive changes to the lives of the people. He credited the decisive and bold leadership of the Prime Minister for rekindling hope and making the region a proud and proactive partner in the country’s growth story.

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