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‘COVID19 vaccine won’t invalidate fast’: Islamic clergy in Kashmir bats for inoculation during Ramadan

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Srinagar: Clearing the air, Islamic clergy has ruled that Covid-19 vaccine shots do not invalidate fast during Ramadan.

Grand Mufti Nasir-Ul-Islam told The Kashmir Monitor that the vaccine is administered intramuscularly without having any nutritional value. 

“The Covid-19 vaccine is not considered food or drink. It would not give a person the energy to fight hunger. It just strengthens the immune system,” he said.

 Grand Mufti appealed to people to get vaccinated in order to prevent the spread of infection. “It is the only means available to fight against Covid. So people should visit health centers to receive the jab,” he said.

 Another religious cleric  Mufti Zia-ul-Haq said injections and vaccines are allowed in Islam during illness since it is required to treat a person from the disease.

 “Covid-19 vaccines won’t affect one’s fasting as Islamic jurists have already allowed injections for ill patients. In view of the pandemic, vaccination is needed to defeat the virus. Only medicine and supplements, which enter the stomach or gives the energy to deal with hunger, will break the fast. The vaccine is injected without flowing into the stomach,” he added.

Asked whether Covid patients can fast, Mufti Zia said the patients should consult the doctors.

 “It depends on the severity of illness. A patient should consult his or her doctor for suggestions. If he or she is severely ill, then Islam allows him or her to skip fasting during Ramadan. It can be compensated by keeping fast after recovery,” Mufti Zia said.

 Doctors too have called for immunization during Ramadan.   “Vaccination can be done during fasting. Ulema body of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, and United Arab Emirates have issued a fatwa,” said Head Infectious Diseases unit and in-charge Covid -19, SKIMS, Dr. Aijaz Nabi Koul.

 Many Islamic countries have called for vaccination and adherence of SOPs during Ramadan.  During the second Ramadan of the pandemic, Muslim countries including Indonesia will carry out immunization drive at night. It is to prevent adverse effects of daytime inoculations into bodies weakened by dehydration and not eating.