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COVID vaccine rollout: 30000 health workers, revenue officials to be inoculated in first phase across Kashmir

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SRINAGAR:  Stage is all set for the first phase of COVID vaccine rollout in the Kashmir valley.

More than 30000 employees of the health and revenue departments will be administered the vaccine in the first phase across the valley.  Each person will be administered two doses of vaccines within a month.  


“We have divided the population into four parts. In the first phase, frontline health workers and revenue department officials will be administered vaccines. In the second phase, the aged and comorbid sections of society will be immunized. Children will be inoculated in the third phase. In the fourth phase, the younger or healthy population will be vaccinated,” Divisional Commissioner Kashmir PK Pole told The Kashmir Monitor.

Official sources said around 2.5 lakh doses of Covishield are likely to arrive in Jammu and Kashmir.   Manufactured by Serum Institute of India, Astra-Zeneca Covishield vaccines will arrive in the next two days. 

“The first tranche of vaccines will arrive from Mumbai today. We have made adequate logistical arrangements for the vaccines. Cold storage facilities have been created across the valley,” Pole said.

Around 1053 sites have been identified for the storage of vaccines. “Vaccines have to be stored under controlled conditions. They will have to be dispatched to districts in controlled vans. We have made all arrangements. We are fully geared up for a roll out on January 16. Before that, the vaccine will reach all districts and storage points,” said Pole.

All those to be inoculated in the first phase will be closely monitored for any reaction or side effects if any. “Every person will be closely monitored after being administered the vaccine. Those, who will be vaccinated on January 16, will get the second dose on February 16. There is no room for delay. It has to be taken in one month.  The data will be entered into the website to keep track of the things,” said Pole.

Divisional Commissioner said the guidelines for the other three stages will be updated on a real-time basis. “As far as the remaining stages are concerned, we will be updating the guidelines regularly. Plus, we have some data available about the population. We will be updating it. By the time the second phase of vaccination will start, we shall have all guidelines in place. How common masses can go about it and others,” he said.