Counselling: Need of the hour

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Syed Mustafa Ahmad

In a conflict-ridden zone, where encounters, suicides, domestic violence, academic frustrations, floods, earthquakes, etc., are common, the need of counselling is more necessary than ever. It is a fact in this situation, going always is tough. And the panacea for this is counselling. What is counselling? The provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems, is called counselling. In another sense, the process that helps to go through the harshest phases of life and see light at the end of the dark tunnel, is counselling. Moreover, counselling is such a thing that soothes one’s nerves in pain.

When counselling is all about resolving personal or psychological problems, no country or nation can afford to be lacking in this regard. If we look at Kashmir, there is very less attention being paid towards this. In our society, mental problems are taboos. People hesitate in talking about this. Ours is an orthodox society, where real things are hardly discussed. It is a matter of shame for a girl or boy, if he or she is suffering from depression or anxiety. However, with the progress in science and technology, people are beginning to take mental problems as common problems and are initiating discussions about these. It is a moment of happiness for all of us. Now all said and done, let us try to know about the benefits of counselling.

The first is optimism. Counsellors bring in happiness, that has gone from someone’s life or has taken the backseat. These people divert the attention of mentally frustrated people towards better and serene. They change the mind set by talking about the main issue, without beating the bush. Moreover, they know what the problem is and treat the patients accordingly. Praise as well as criticism is found in their advices and rebukes according to the situation. In contrast, teachers, parents and other so-called experts don’t know the problem and praise or criticize the patients at the wrong time. This creates many problems.

The second is comfort and trust. Consulting counsellors means that the patient feels comfortable in front of him or her. The patient knows that he or she is my well-wisher and I am happy to share my problems with him or her. In this way, the problems that were not shared earlier, are shared in a comfortable environment, without any embarrassment. Moreover, there is a trust in them. The patients know that don’t share my virtues and vices with anyone.

The third is counsellors’ attitude. They are trained to be calm and cool in every situation. Losing their cool, is hardly seen among them. If a patient abuses them, they don’t abuse in return; but they make him or her calm. However, they do get hurt, but it is their responsibility and humanity to bring the patients back into the fold of life, who otherwise, are living-dead.

The fourth is results. All over the world, the counsellors have done miracles by counselling those, who have lost the meaning of their lives. The people, who has resolved to die, due to one reason or another, were brought back to life, by these extraordinary people. They have infused life into dead veins. Such results motivate the depressed or traumatic patients, to visit them and get back on the track of life.

The fifth and last is desire to live. After falling at every moment of life, some depressed patients try to live again. This desire takes them straight to the counselling centres. It is because they know that if I am depressed today, it is due to other people and by my own deeds. Now to live a reasonable life, it is best to visit those, whom I have never visited in my life.

In short, we are in dire need of counselling. Mental cases are rising. Suicides also are on rise. The novel Corona Virus acted as the last nail in the coffin. It has led to unprecedented increase in the cases of mental problems. All have to come forward to save people from these lethal diseases, if not cured on time. Moreover, try to calm yourselves by looking at the brighter side of the coin. Time changes; so is the situation. Help and motivate each other. Spare some time for friends, relatives and fellow beings. Avoid virtual world as much as you can. Resolve political issues, social issues and most importantly economic issues. Let us try our best to beat the mental diseases or traumas.


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