Communication gag: Valley-based online entrepreneurs lose clients, business

Srinagar: The ongoing communication clampdown is taking a toll on the valley-based e-commerce business entrepreneurs right from the day one of its implementation throughout the valley.

With no access to internet services in the region, the valley-based e-commerce portals are running from the pillar to post to survive.

Major players of this business estimate the losses in crores on a daily basis and say they have lost the majority of customers throughout India and overseas as well.

The online business operations mainly depend on internet services which remain barred in the region since August 5in the backdrop of the revocation of Article 370 by the Parliament.

 The whole system of buying and selling online has been hampered because of the prevailing uncertainty and communication gag.

Majid Mir, an online business entrepreneur said the ongoing internet gag has badly affected his business with an expected loss of about 40,000 per day.

“As the gag enters the second consecutive month, all our business operations are seized and I am supposed to pay my staff out of my pocket,” Mir said.

“By putting a continuous gag on the internet services the state government is not only snatching our livelihood but of those too who are directly and indirectly associated with our business,” he added.

He said: “The losses that we are facing right now due to the ongoing clampdown might be recovered in future if the situation improves but what about the reputation which faded due to the imposed communication gag?”

Another online entrepreneur, Asif Malik said the Government first encourages the youth to start their own business ventures and then the same entrepreneurs are left in lurch by imposing gags and restrictions thus choking their startups.”

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