Come Nov 1, 164 state laws will cease to exist

Srinagar, Sep 27: More than 164 state laws will cease to exist after November 1 when Jammu and Kashmir will be officially declared a union territory.

Post the abrogation of Article 370, 106 central laws will be implemented in Jammu and Kashmir from November 1.


Around 164 state laws, which were applicable in Jammu and Kashmir, will be repealed. There laws were part of the Jammu and Kashmir constitution that ceases to exist after the abrogation of Article 370.

Details accessed by The Kashmir Monitor reveal that the Jammu and Kashmir Accountability Commission Act, 2002, Jammu and Kashmir Advocates Welfare Fund Act, 1997, Jammu and Kashmir Agricultural Income Tax Act, 1962, Jammu and Kashmir Agricultural Produce Marketing Regulation of 1997, State Commission For Women Act, 1999 and  Forest Act, 1987 will be repealed..

Similarly, Forest Conservation Act, 1997, Jammu and Kashmir Commercial Courts Act, 2018 won’t exist from November 1.

Jammu and Kashmir Prevention of Corruption Act, 2006 won’t be applicable. Instead the anti-graft bodies shall have to work under Prevention of Corruption Act, the central law which was earlier not applicable in the state.

Besides, Right to Information Act, 2009, Family Courts Act 2018, Protection of Children From Sexual Violence Act, 2018, State Commission For Protection of Women 2018, Child Rights Act, 2018 will also be repealed.

Earlier Jammu and Kashmir had its own constitution given the special status of the state under Article 370. Except matters related to defence, external affairs and communications, all central legislations and laws would be implemented in Jammu and Kashmir only with the concurrence of the state legislature

Acts related to the Right to Education, National Commission for Minorities, Protection of Whistleblowers, National Council for Teacher Education, Land Acquisition, National Commission for SafaiKaramcharis, Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens are some of the key laws which will now be applicable in the state.

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