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Coach speaks: If RKFC keeps up the momentum, results will follow  

Srinagar, Jan 9: Leading an I-League debutant all the way to the top, Real Kashmir FC Coach, David Robertson says he is quite satisfied with the team’s performances particularly ones against the top clubs of India.

David believes his team performed “far better” than his expectations after qualifying for the league in March 2018.

With 21 points in 11 games, RKFC is in a fairly stable position in the league.

The team, says David, is way ahead of his expected calculations.

“We are doing well at the moment. In the last few games, our players played with concerted energy. My individual calculation, which was aimed to avoid relegation from the league, was around 12 points. But we now have 21, which is great,” he said.

Robertson said he was not bothered by the less possession shown by his players in the last few games.

“We saw in the few matches the possession has been against us and yet we emerged as winners. I am a kind of person who doesn’t believe in possessions. I rather focus on how to get results in every game,” he said.

Asked about the reasons behind his team’s dominating performances in away games, he said his players feel pressure-free in away matches.

“In all the away games, the pressure tends to be more on the hosts. My players took good advantage of it,” he said.

With nine more matches to go, Robertson said his team needs to be more focused in order to achieve good results ahead in the league.

“I firmly believe that if we go ahead with this momentum, we can finish it as soon as possible. We haven’t lost any away game since March 2017 and we need to keep this spirit running in the rest of the games as well,” he said.