Chinese woman posing as Buddhist monk arrested for spying

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New Delhi: A 50-year-old Chinese woman who was allegedly involved in anti-India activities, has been apprehended by the police in the national capital. Cai Ruo, who claimed to be a ‘Buddhist monk’, is being suspected to be a Chinese spy, sources said.

A source told IANS that Cai Ruo is a “well-trained and cunning individual who tried to mislead the investigators by claiming that Chinese Communist leaders wanted to kill her and therefore, she fled to India”.

She had been living in India as “Dola Lama, a Nepalese national”.

She had also managed to procure a “Nepalese Identity Card” to claim that she was a resident of Kathmandu.

Even though she spoke with the Delhi Police personnel fluently in English, she did not know the Nepali language.

The police also learned that she speaks fluent Chinese.

Later, on cross-checking and verification, the police came to know that she had a Chinese passport issued in her name, and she had been residing in India based on that passport.

In 2020, she entered Nepal through the Raniganj border area in the Indian state of West Bengal. Later, she again entered India after managing to procure Nepalese IDs.

According to the source, she is a resident of Hainan Province in China, as per her records available with the Indian authorities.

She had allegedly been trying to create unrest across the country.

“She told us that as she was Buddhist, the Communist leaders wanted to kill her. She had no other option but to flee China. However, we have found that she had been spying and was involved in anti-national activities,” the source said.

The source said that officials had received a tip-off that a woman Chinese spy had been staying in the national capital.

After assessing the input, it was learnt that Cai Ruo was promoting anti-national activities.

The police then lodged an FIR in this regard under section 120-8, 419, 420, 467, and 474 of the Indian Penal Code against her.

A police team was then formed, and a raid was conducted.

Cai Ruo was eventually nabbed from her hideout in a north Delhi area.

“She was living in India illegally as a Buddhist monk so that she could evade security agencies’ scanner. She had been spying and hatching conspiracy against the nation. She had been found in the possession of fabricated documents, ID cards… we are taking this matter seriously,” the source said.

Ruo, through her counsel Deepak Tyagi has moved a plea seeking permission from the officials to speak to her family members in China.

The source further said since the woman was involved in anti-national activities, the probe agencies would check whether she was in touch with the PFI.

The intelligence agencies and the National Investigation Agency were also informed about her arrest.

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