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Changing global climate has turned March into May in Kashmir

By Syed Nashir Ali Gillani

Srinagar, Mar 31: With temperature running much above normal, the people here in the Valley have started feeling “May in March”.
The normal temperature in March is around 13 degrees Celsius, but this year, the mercury us hovering around 25 degrees to 27 degrees.
The abrupt surge in the temperature has surprised the Meteorological Department as well as the people, who are certain that they would be witnessing a harsh summer ahead.
“It is after a long time that the Valley is witnessed dry weather conditions. We used to have this kind of weather in May or June, not in March, as is the case now,” said Irshad Ahmad, a resident of Srinagar.
The people have started to believe that the dry spell and heat would have a great impact on agriculture as well.
“The people have started wearing summer clothes, which we use to wear in May. The rush at ice-cream parlors has increased,” said Mushtaq Mir.
“The water level in the rivers has come down. This year people might face water scarcity as well.”
The people, while blaming the population for the adverse weather conditions, said the factors leading to global warming should be avoided.
“It is quite unfortunate that we are facing such a type of weather. To some extent, we ourselves are responsible, as we have been doing everything, which has ill-effects on the environment. Deforestation shall stop at an earliest, so do other things,” said Irfan Mehraj.
Director Meteorological Department, Sonum Lotus, said the dry spell was going to continue.
“There is no chance of rain for the time being. From September till date, we witnessed almost dry weather conditions except in December. The impact of global warming is among the reasons for the adverse weather conditions,” he said.