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Calls for Indian intervention threat to sovereignty: Maldives

New Delhi: Condemning the calls made by the opposition leaders seeking Indian military intervention to resolve the country’s political crisis, Maldives government said that such actions are ‘a threat to nation’s independence and national security’.
A statement issued by the Maldivian Defence Ministry said, “The government views such actions to be irresponsible and intended to cause the citizens of both nations, as well as other stakeholders, to cast doubt upon the excellent relationship India and Maldives have enjoyed for decades.”
The Maldivian government called “on all parties to refrain from such calls” and reiterated that it had maintained good relations with India since the country declared its independence.
The statement added that the Maldives “firmly believes that India would not act on any such calls.”
However, further in a tone of serving a warning, the statement said, “We would like to assure all our beloved citizens that Maldives does not have to fear for its independence or sovereignty and that the Government would not give any opportunity to anyone to threaten the country’s sovereignty.”
Maldives, which has seen a number of political crisis since the ouster of its first democratically-elected president Nasheed in 2012, plunged into a political chaos after the Supreme Court ordered the release of nine imprisoned opposition politicians, maintaining that their trials were “politically motivated and flawed”.
The nine political leaders included Nasheed.
The Abdulla Yameen government refused to comply with the ruling, which prompted a wave of protests in Maldivian capital, Male.
Following clashes and protests, the Yameen government imposed the emergency.