‘Bruised, but never broken’: J&K doctor-turned-model Umar Riaz breaks internet after he completed task in Bigg Boss House despite injury

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Internet has gone crazy after J&K doctor-turned-model Umar Riaz suffered bruises during a task in the Bigg Boss House.Umar Riaz received bruises on his forehead. 

Though he focused on the task, the cameras spotted the injury on his forehead.“Bruised, but never broken! Fighting headstrong like a lion. 🔥 Thank you @asimriaz77.official bro ♥️Keep supporting #UmarRiaz. It is only your love that gets him going and how!” Umar Riaz’s team wrote on Instagram posting his picture with the bruised forehead.

Umar’sbrother and former Bigg Boss contestant, Asim Riaz took to social media penning a heartwarming post.  “You give something up for everything you gain Since every pleasure’s got an edge of pain..!! You will shine my brother,” he said.

This is not the first time that Asim has supported his brother. When Umar entered Bigg Boss house, Asim Riaz listed dos and don’ts. “It’s a reality show, jo real aadmi hai uske liye voh badhiya hoga (It will be good for people who are real).

He’s my brother, I am really happy,” he wrote.The pictures of Umar’s bruised forehead set the internet on fire. Many supporters took to Twitter heaping praises on surgeon-turned-model. “@realumarriaz  u are giving 100 % in the sugarcane extraction task in spite of a lot of physical force used by Jay & Vishal & uncalled insane act of Ishant & Simba but that did not stop u what u were supposed to do earning the love of fans @ColorsTV #Biggboss15  @BeingSalmanKhan,” tweeted Riaz Ahmad Choudhary.Five days ago fans of Umar Riaz had taken to social media after the inmates mocked his profession.

Umar Riaz came in the eye of the storm when Afsana Khan provoked him by taking a jab at his profession saying, “tu doctory kar.” This filled the former with rage and he retorted back, “Don’t you dare talk about my profession and mismatch my statements. While you were sitting at home doing nothing, I used to go out at the front line working, serving the people of my country during the pandemic.”His brother Asim Riaz tweeted, “When you have a panic attack You don’t play a song ..You call a doctor @realumarriaz.”Lending equal support, Himanshi Khurana also wrote on Twitter, “The first and last person you see in your life is doctor…… @realumarriaz.

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