In two chilling videos that have taken over the internet, paranormal expert Steve Huff claims having spoken to actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s spirit. He has posted two videos supporting his claims in which he is seen talking to a voice he claims is of Sushant’s spirit. Sushant died by suicide on June 14 in Mumbai. 

Steve Huff said he made an attempt to speak to Sushant Singh Rajput’s spirit after receiving several requests from his fans. It is for the first time he says he has purportedly spoken to an Indian celebrity.


“Today I try my best to connect to the spirit of Sushant Singh Rajput after receiving thousands of requests to do so. First, I thank you all for requesting this as he came in strong and clear and bright someone with him to help make sure he got through,” Steve Huff wrote while sharing the first video. 

The paranormal expert asks the alleged spirit to share a message for his fans and questions –  “Are you in the light?”, to which a voice is heard saying, “Tell Steve I am getting the light.”

In the second video, when Steve asks the alleged spirit if he wants to say something before they close the activity, a voice is heard saying, “Want some love”. When Steve asks, “Sushant, can you tell me what happened before the night of your death,” he gets an answer – “Big arguments with men”. 

“Did someone murder you? Do you remember how you died?” is what Steve asks next and the voice says, “They brought nails.”

Sushant Singh Rajput was found hanging in his apartment in Mumbai. He was said to be under stress and depression. An investigation is currently underway in his suicide case by the Mumbai Police, but fans have urged for a CBI probe citing foul play behind his sudden death.

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  1. Sushant said theh brought noose
    And yes he was also speaking in hindi about sandeep too. Also about dipesh please listen to it carefully
    We need justice for SSR .
    CBI needs to investigate. Plz

  2. Dear Sushant. No doubt you have brought a light of uplifting ray in the heart of your family and fans by communicating through the paranormal. No doubt this is your spirit and delightful it is to know you are with your mother and have the ability to fly with wings. Knowing your mind and intelligence you are not going to give up on the key people who harmed you and made you suffer….you are clearly in a desperate need that you even bought a guide in the form of a spirit…to flow your thoughts. Justice will be done, I can assure you…you are far too loved by the human race and godly love to be left aside and ignored. May you rest in peace eventually.

  3. Hey this is chandan … I have watch this video several times if you hear closely shusant said “THEY BOUGHT NOOSE” not nails
    And in many part of the video shusant has spoken in hindi and huff could not understand stand … He has said many things at some part he also said he was MURDERED but huff didn’t highlight it…

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