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Banning Private Coaching Was Never Ideal!

It is now three long decades when our paradise was set on fire. Since then no good dealings and extinguishers have been successful to calm it down. We have witnessed the pathetic treatments in terms of mass killings, bombings, exploitations, rapes, etc. Hartals and strikes have been the routine but of late stone pelting has been the new tool with our agitators. But the damages done are beyond the limits… We have seen the revival of dark ages but it is equally true we live in a modern age. People have been caged and locked in chains. Shakespeare rightly said that man is born free but everywhere he is in chains. There is no one who is not a sufferer and free from the disruptive impacts of the Kashmir crisis. Almost all walks of life have been disrupted. But the serious concern is our school going children have been deprived of education by choice or chance. We have seen some ill elements that have vested interests and play their cards to get their benefits at any cost. Our problems haven’t been addressed in a timely manner and thus triggered the situation from bad to worse.

The past days, people died, not ignoring it, because of natural reasons, not by the bullets or bombs or mass murder. All of a sudden, Kashmir’s serenity perished into thin air and that peace didn’t last long. Peace was bombed into pieces in our valley. The change in Jammu and Kashmir Govt.’s and the subsequent tactics to show their good presence has never been up to mark. The Govt. is attempting all good actions both positive and negative to calm the worse situations but all in vain. Some cruel attempts over the three decades witnessed have been shoot at sight orders, crack downs, custodial killings, E-curfew etc. It is true that at one stage Kashmiri youth were agitated but were always living in a sense of fear. The current scenario is different that today they are more agitated and more fearless. Our youth are willing to lose the precious lessons of schools and join agitations. A recent move on part of govt. has been banning the private coaching and believing youth will come to school and it will help in restoring normalcy in the valley. It is a well qualified fact that there can’t be a more serious concern than our school going children are picking up guns and stones and preferring agitations instead of joining schools to seek knowledge? Next someone is wrong if they believe that the youth are on a wrong path. It is you as a leader and a policy maker who have failed to address their problems for long. Your failed measures not only have depressed them most but also produced huge loss of trust. The situation has turned so big now that our modest girls too have joined the moment. If youth are found ready to face the bullets then you should not wait anymore rather find the solutions, the more early the better?

.I am not in favor of coaching centers…I am in favor of good education for it will lead to prosperity and development of our state. I am in favor of right selection and higher motivation levels for our teachers…I am in favor of justified salary for the teachers both in Govt. as well as private schools… I am in favor of employment of youth who earn meager in schools and thus compensate with the coaching practice. There is no wrong if we have coaching centers.

But the teachers have all reasons to justify their tasks in schools be it private or Govt. schools. It is not you who as a policy maker should ban private coaching. It is students themselves who should feel worth of attending schools and not going for private coaching. Banning coaching is like you are depriving one of part time when you have justified with your main job. Banning coaching for you mean they will have no choice other than attending schools. But you must bitterly accept they have many issues other than school. You attempted banning the private coaching but overlooking other problems in the ecosystem. It is like a patient is suffering from tooth pain and as a doctor you are wrongly treating the other part of system. The problems at core have to be identified and addressed. Some days back when ban was sanctioned some of the coaching centers were interested in shifting their students to outside valley branches. So rich boys were all ready to go and only poor ones were the sufferers who had already paid the huge charges. Moreover, we can’t resist from the fact that we have best of the faculty in Govt. schools who can offer solutions against private coaching. But it will take a long time for teachers there to take matter in their own hands. It is true that we have some dynamic youth now joining the system who have started a new moment. They are ready to challenge the perception that we have developed towards Govt. Schools. But the entire system needs a big overhaul where teachers (both private and Govt.) command respect and feel proud to be the teachers of Nation.

Banning private coaching was never a wise and sustainable decision. So why to think of such measures which will not last long? There are deep rooted problems which leaders and policy makers have to understand and address as an effective system. Mr. Minister can you give me a single reason that there is secretariat move and your Govt.

announce the winter breaks when weather conditions are fine in Jammu and Kashmir? Sincere and transparent measures are the need of the time now if you really care for the youth of the State. But equally your Govt. has to care for the society as a whole. You must better understand that those half hearted attempts will only aggravate the problems further. Moreover those who are spearheading the moments in Kashmir must not ignore the role and power of education for any society. Parents have a crucial role and must take a lead now in counseling better so that our youth receive real power of education. We must not forget that it is only education that has uplifted societies from dark ages to an age of values and freedom. Uneducated youth will only prove the burden and liability for any Nation. It is our collective responsibility that we must not compromise with the education of our children to attain peace and prosperity for our State.

(The author is Assistant Professor, ITM University Gwalior. He can be reached at: [email protected])