Awareness drive held against ‘women harassment’

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police conducts awareness drive against women harassment violence in ganderbal

GANDERBAL: In a joint effort to combat women harassment and violence, Police in collaboration with Special Cell for Women conducted a mass awareness drive in District Ganderbal.

The initiative, held under the directions of SSP Ganderbal Sandeep Gupta-IPS, and supervised by Gh Hassan-JKPS Headquarters Ganderbal, aimed to empower women by informing them about their rights and encouraging them to report crimes against them to the nearest Police Stations.

During the drive, a special police team, accompanied by social workers of Special Cell, engaged with various segments of the community, including students, men, women, and girls. One of the key aspects of the drive involved sharing emergency contact numbers with public transport operators, covering a range of vehicles from large buses to small vehicles, electric buses, and sumos. This dissemination aimed to raise awareness about women harassment and the legal repercussions perpetrators face.

The team emphasized the importance of preventing harassment against females in public transport, addressing both physical and emotional violence as serious crimes. Passengers were educated about the significance of reporting such incidents promptly. Furthermore, women and girls were informed about the avenues available for seeking assistance, including contacting District Police Ganderbal or the Special Cell for Women, in case they face any kind of harassment in public transport.

“General public of District Ganderbal hailed & appreciated the efforts of Police by raising such awareness which can help in curbing social menaces effectively. Police assures general public that such drives & awareness programmes will continue in future,” a police statement said.