Authorities Issue Safety Advisories for Motorists on Kashmir’s Hilly Roads

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snowy road between trees
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In view of prevailing climatic conditions, snow accumulation and frosty roads in hilly areas under Traffic Rural Kashmir, the authorities on Saturday issued traffic advisories to ensure safety of commuters and drivers.

According to the advisory by Traffic Police Officer Rural Kashmir, no vehicles will be allowed on hilly link roads until the concerned government agencies clear the snow.

Only 4×4 vehicles or vehicles with, anti-skid chains, having seating capacity not more than 10 seats shall be allowed along major hilly roads, it added

The advisory further reads that Heavy Goods, passenger vehicles shall not be allowed to ply along hilly roads till clearance of snow and frost from such roads.

There is a zero-tolerance policy for overloading within the jurisdiction of Traffic Rural Kashmir, and strict action will be taken against motorists with invalid or missing documents, it added.

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