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‘Ask your doctor’: Covid-recovered Kashmir doctor launches YouTube channel to discuss women health


Srinagar: If you are looking for informative health snippets, you don’t have to search hard.

 Dr. Saqiba Afzal’s YouTube channel, “Ask your doctor”, provides practical and accurate education on a wide range of healthcare topics in Kashmir.


The 34-year-old healthcare innovator, who works as a medical officer at district Hospital, Pulwama, talks on topics such as COVID-19, common women health problems like Urinary Tract Infection. PCOS, PMS, thyroid, the over-prescription of antibiotics, to lighter topics like nutrition, medical myths, and awkward health questions.

“I along with my husband, tested positive for Covid-19 in May. We were in-home quarantine. During that time, I used to receive a lot of calls pertaining to Covid. I thought why not come up with a channel where I answer all the commonly asked questions of prospective patients and ensure they are not medically misinformed at the same time,” Saqiba said.

“Take for instance, many still do not know what Covid does to the body and how they should tackle it post-recovery. Through my social media handle, I want to spread the word because I myself have been a Covid patient,” she said.

Saqiba said many ask if they can get vaccinated if they are on their periods. “Yes, you can take the vaccine even during your periods. If you notice any side effects like delayed periods or a heavy cycle after vaccination, understand that it is only temporary,” she said.

However, she felt the need to educate the people on other healthcare topics besides Covid. “There are many common problems like hypertension in Kashmir. People don’t realize they have it until the symptoms get too prominent. The same goes for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in females. I want to create awareness on topics like that in an approachable and engaging manner,” Dr. Saqiba said.

Keeping this in mind, she launched her channel last month and has garnered 244 subscribers so far. She uploads the videos on a weekly basis which are shot and edited by her husband.

“I try to make short videos in a language that the viewers understand and that they relate with. Also, I read and research the topic before talking about it because medicine gets stale. One has to remain updated all the time”

She also noted that beyond the world of treatment, there exists a world of wellness tips and preventive measures. For example, many ailments can be avoided if you have a proper wholesome nutritious diet and adequate exercise.

“I want to share the tips on those lines. Through proper diet and workout, it is possible to prevent diseases like obesity, which eventually will prevent you from increased cholesterol levels, increased sugar levels, and increased blood pressure. Like they say, Zouv Aur te Jahan Aur,” she said.