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Apologetic, Deputy Mayor says patient died before his ‘emotional outburst’

Srinagar, Dec 19: Apologising to doctors for his alleged misbehavior at the Chest Disease Hospital, Deputy Mayor, Sheikh Imran, on Wednesday appealed medicos not to resort to strike.

Imran allegedly shouted at and abused a doctor at the hospital on finding a critical patient not being referred to a tertiary-care facility. The patient eventually died due to, as per the doctors, delay in the referral caused by the Deputy Mayor.

Addressing press conference on Wednesday, Imran said, “If my apology will peter out their ego and they will call off their strike, I shall fold my hands to apologise for my behaviour.”

He said that following “credible inputs”, he took a surprise visit to the hospital and found “there were no doctors in the casualty”.

“Instead, they were relaxing in their cosy rooms, busy with their cell-phones. The referral patient died in front on me, and his attendants said he had been in pain for the last five hours without doctors attending to him,” said the Deputy Mayor.

Imran said Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) would blame him for his death.

“Record the patient’s statement and see who is responsible. Whoever is found guilty shall be held responsible.”

“The death of a patient that occurred there became the reason for my argument with the doctors. It was an emotional outburst, which they termed as unparliamentary language.”

Reacting to the DAK’s statement, Imran said, “Health, hygiene and happiness is my domain; everything living or non-living is my domain.”

“Doctors fill their pockets with their private-practice income and government salary, but are unable to their duties in the hospitals.

Imran said that people criticised his behaviour in the CD hospital.

“Criticism is healthy; I have taken your criticism. Whatever mistake I committed I will mend it in future, but I will not bow down.”

“People have elected me, I am here for them, and, in any case, I will do justice to my job.”

“I am not here to fight with any party, but I want to say that together we can make society better,” he added.