SRINAGAR: Jammu Kashmir Apni Party (JKAP) on Thursday urged the management of social media platform ‘Twitter’ to take down fake handles attributed to the party that have been created for peddling misinformation and indulging in deceptive activity to mislead the people.

A spokesman of the party said: “Jammu Kashmir Apni Party is still in the process of registration with the Election Commission of India (ECI). We have not created any official handles of the JKAP on Twitter sofar. So the Twitter management should take cognizance of the fact and take down/suspend these fake accounts that have been created by certain vested interest groups or individuals to disseminate politically motivated and unauthorized information in the public domain.”

The spokesman of JKAP said that unfortunately several of these Twitter handles in name of JKAP are being operated by people who are not associated with the Party. “The Twitter should take notice of such fake handles who are indulging in spam or other types of platform manipulations. Since the Twitter has a wider reach, it should not allow fake handles to engage in bulk, aggressive, or deceptive activity that misleads people or disrupts the authentic activities on the social media platform,” the JKAP spokesman added.

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