Amid clampdown, government kicks off exam process

Srinagar: Inside Government Higher Secondary School Raj Bagh, anxious girls stand in a queue waiting for their turn to submit their examination forms. Meeting for the first time after the clampdown, students are at wits end how to complete the syllabus and prepare for the exams when schools and tuition centres are shut.

Students are in great stress as there has been no classwork for almost a month after parliament scrapped Article 370. Education department has directed 10th, 11th and 12th class students to submit their board exam forms in their respective schools.


“I have not been able to study these days. I am not able to concentrate on my studies,” one of the girls told her friend.

What has complicated the things is that the students have yet to complete the syllabus. “Sir, have you learnt anything about exams? What about our syllabus? We have completed only 50% of our syllabus,” a 12th standard girl asked her teacher.

Students said that it was very difficult for them to focus on studies in the current situation. “There is uncertainty about our exams. We won’t be able to get good grades as half of our syllabus is still incomplete. Plus internet is not working. We used to download material to make notes. Tuition centers are also closed”, said Nahida Ayoub, a class 11th student.

Facing uncertain future, students have urged government to frame proper strategy to save their career. “If they cut our syllabus by 50%, as they have done it in past, it will definitely affect our future studies. Government needs to think out of box,” said a student

A school teacher wishing anonymity said that they had to postpone even the first term of exams of class 11 and 12 due to the lockdown. “First term examination of 11th and 12th class started from first week of August. Students of both the classes wrote exam for one subject. On August 5, they had to appear in next paper, but due to the situation exam could not be conducted.”

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