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Amala Paul alleges sexual harassment by stranger, files police complaint

Amala Paul, who is in Chennai, filed a police complaint on Wednesday claiming that she was asked for a ‘sexual favour’ by an unidentified man when she was rehearsing for her upcoming show. The actor is currently prepping to perform at a show in Malaysia and is rehearsing for the same in Chennai. After filing the police complaint, the actor spoke to reporters saying that she felt very unsafe after the man’s advances.
“When I had gone to do dance rehearsal, a man spoke to me unpleasantly, like he was conducting a trade. I was very shocked. I was very humiliated. That’s why I immediately came to complain to the police station. I’m going to Malaysia for an event. I went to dance practice for that event. While I was practising, he came inside. He spoke as though he was part of the event. He spoke to me like he was someone known at the event. He spoke to me personally when I was alone inside. That’s why I have complained. He has spoken like he was conducting a sexual trade, for a favour,” said Amala Paul.
Amala also suspected that the man had inside contacts, which also propelled her to file a complaint. She said, “He knew I was there at that time. That’s why I thought it was unsafe because I’m an independent working woman. So there is definitely a close source. That’s how he knew I was there at the time. I feel extremely unsafe. Someone involved at the event has only given this information.”
Amala Paul further said that if this could happen to a celebrity, it could happen to any woman. Hence, she decided not to be mum about the same. A few reports suggest that a businessman has also been arrested in connection to the case.