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Alcoholic rats in dry state of Bihar target government storeroom again, 200 beer cans consumed

New Delhi: Alcohol-craving rats in the dry state of Bihar have found an ingenious way to get their quota of booze by targeting government storerooms. Now, these serious drinkers have reportedly consumed 200 cans of beer in Bihar’s Kaimur district. Kaimur police had kept the confiscated cans in the storeroom of the excise department, however, the cans had holes on their aluminum-and-steel top. After the matter came to light the cops put the blame on the rodents.
Bhabhua SDM Kumari Anupama Singh said, “It looks like the doing of rats. There were around six to seven cartons in the godown and all the cans were empty.”
Kaimur DM Nawal Kishor Choudhary also blamed the rats and said that if it was the work of humans then the cans would have been cut properly. He ordered a detailed investigation into the matter.
This is not the first time that “drunkard rats” have been blamed for the missing liquor. Last year in May, officials in Patna blamed rats for drinking several lakh litres of alcohol.
In yet another shocking incident, rats consumed 45 kgs of weed that was in possession with Dhandbad police, Jharkhand last year.
Similarly, in another incident reported from Maharashtra, rodents consumed 34 kg of drugs from customs godown at Sewri in Maharashtra. According to media reports, the contraband that went missing from the godown in Sewri in 2014 was worth Rs 3.4 crore in the international market.
Meanwhile, retired Bihar chief secretary of undivided Bihar and Jharkhand VS Dubey told ToI that it’s not the rat but the policemen who are “either drinking or selling confiscated liquor”.