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Ad of ‘divorcee girl’ seeking ‘short marriage’ leaves netizens in splits

August 22, 2023
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Matrimonial advertisements in newspapers often include preferences for prospective brides or grooms, ranging from height and complexion to occupation and horoscope. However, a recent newspaper ad has taken the concept of unique criteria to a whole new level, sparking widespread amusement on the internet.

The source of this viral sensation is a peculiar matrimonial ad that surfaced in a newspaper. In a departure from the conventional search for long-lasting companionship, a family was on the hunt for a groom specifically suited for what they termed a “short marriage.” The ad’s wording left many intrigued, prompting an outbreak of laughter across the online community.

The ad, which was shared on the social media platform ‘X’ by a user named Tanishka Sodhi, read as follows: “Wanted groom from an affluent family from Mumbai for a short marriage, Brahmin divorcee girl, Smart educated, (born in) 1989, 5’7″ (tall). Girl running her own hospitality business in Mumbai. (Caste no bar).”

Tanishka’s own incredulity was evident in her caption, which read, “A ‘SHORT marriage’?????” Her post garnered considerable attention, with others equally puzzled by the unconventional request. One witty commenter even quipped, “Made In Heaven S3,” alluding to the popular TV series ‘Made In Heaven,’ known for its portrayal of short-lived marriages.

The ad’s unexpected twist on matrimonial norms has certainly left the internet abuzz with humor and curiosity, showcasing how love and relationships can sometimes defy convention in the most unexpected ways. As this ad continues to circulate and spark conversations, it serves as a reminder that the quest for love and companionship can take on many unique forms, leaving us all with a hearty dose of laughter in the process.

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