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Actor Sanjay Dutt diagonosed with lung cancer

Year 2020 seems to be jinxed, especially for the film industry. After claiming lives of some of the top actors and other celebrities, the year continues to send shock waves, with bad news pouring in day in and day out. The latest news is that Sanjay Dutt is suffering from lung cancer.

The 61-year-old actor was admitted to Lilavati Hospital on 8th August for breathlessness. The first doubt of the doctors was that he had contracted coronavirus but his negative report ruled that out. He was shifted from the ICU to a regular room on 10th. It is now being said that he has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

According to a reports quoting a close friend of Sanjay Dutt: “Baba is devastated. He has little children. Fortunately, they are in Dubai right now with their mother. But breaking this awful news to them would be an ordeal.”

Thought Dutt is pretty shaken he is also certain of being cured.

“It is curable. He needs instant and rigorous treatment for which he leaves immediately to US,” the reports added.

Earlier this week, Dutt was in Mumbai’s Lilavati hospital after complaining of breathlessness. Full tests were done and the devastating results came in on Tuesday.