Accessorizing with Silver Jewellery: Tips and Tricks to Elevate Your Look

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Accessorizing the outfit with jewellery has been in trend for a long time. The jewellery pieces accentuate the beauty and enhance the glam. The market is witnessing a big shift in terms of jewellery as most people are turning towards minimal jewellery pieces such as pendants, chains, bracelets, anklets, earrings, and pendants.

If you are also looking for a stunning collection of silver jewellery to upgrade you, then you have come to the right place. Read ahead to find out how to elevate your look:

Glam It Up with Layers

Silver jewellery gives you a lot of room to experiment with. And so, you can layer up the pieces that are contrasting to each other in terms of shape, size, and texture. You can carry different lengths of silver chains, anklets, finger rings and earrings. But remember not to go overboard, and one extra piece of silver jewellery can ruin the entire look!

Match the Style of the Jewellery to the Outfit

The style of the silver jewellery you wear should complement the style of your outfit. For example, choose simple, understated silver jewellery like small stud earrings or a delicate necklace if you are wearing a casual outfit. If you are wearing a more formal outfit, choose bolder silver jewellery pieces like a statement necklace or large hoop earrings.

Consider the Size of Your Jewellery

When choosing silver jewellery, consider the size of the pieces concerning your body type. If petite, avoid large, chunky pieces that overwhelm your frame. Instead, opt for smaller, delicate pieces. You can pull off more prominent pieces of silver jewellery if you are taller or have a larger frame.

Consider the Occasion

The occasion and setting also play a role in the silver jewellery you choose to wear. For example, opt for more elegant and sophisticated silver jewellery pieces like silver chains or earrings for a formal event. If you are going to a casual event, you can wear more playful and whimsical silver jewellery like a charm bracelet or a silver anklet.

Experiment with Different Styles

Silver jewellery comes in assorted styles, from bohemian and vintage to modern and minimalist. Do not be afraid to experiment with unique styles to find what works best for you and your style.

Coordinate with Other Accessories

Your silver jewellery should also coordinate with other accessories you are wearing, like your shoes, handbag, or belt. If you are wearing silver jewellery, it is best to stick with accessories in the same colour family to create a cohesive look.

Some Additional Styling Tips

  1. Silver jewellery can add contrast and balance to your look if you are wearing a colourful outfit. For example, pair a bright red dress with silver earrings or a silver bracelet.
  1. Silver jewellery pairs well with denim and can add a casual yet stylish touch to your look. Wear a silver necklace with a denim jacket or a pair of silver hoop earrings with denim shorts.
  1. Your hair colour can also affect the type of silver jewellery you wear. Consider wearing bright and shiny silver jewellery to stand out if you have dark hair. If you have lighter hair, try wearing oxidized silver jewellery to create a more subtle look.
  1. Silver jewellery with meaningful symbols like hearts or infinity symbols can add a sentimental touch to your outfit. Wear a silver necklace with a meaningful symbol to express your style and beliefs.

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