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A teacher’s role in shaping student’s future


One of the excellent and promising services rendered by a human is forwarding the education to ones who need the most. When it comes to education, teachers play an essential role in shaping up the lives of students. Be it in primary schools or higher education, teachers’ help students understand the basic concept of life and give in-depth knowledge of subjects taught. The teacher acts as the mentor, guide, motivator and inspiration for children. Teachers need to be well prepared in subjects they are teaching and handling different types of kids. They undergo the training and are hired according to their ability. In India, teachers are hired based on B.Ed. Degree, CTET result and skills.

Aspiring teachers can also undertake UPTET if seeking a job in Uttar Pradesh. Similarly, they are also trained to handle students. Coming back to our topic, teachers play a significant role in shaping up the career.  Let us check how:


·       Teachers Nurture Student’s Self-Esteem:

What student’s think about themselves is critical. Many students carry low self-esteem due to failure in the subject. This affects them mentally. Here, teachers play a significant role and need to build self-esteem by creating a good relationship and motivating them.

·       Teachers Promote Self-Determination:

Once the student gains confidence and self-esteem, he/she is likely to attain goals set. Every student has a purpose in life, and it needs the right determination and push from teachers. Teachers constantly push students in helping to fill up their self-determination. When they are young, students learn a lot about self-determination, which allows them when they reach adult age.

·       Teachers create positivity in students:

Teachers play a significant role in bringing positivity in student’s lives. If you are approachable, students will be free to communicate with you on topics they cannot speak on. If they have any confusion in life, they can clear it out with you without any hesitation. This overall helps in creating positivity in a student’s life.

·       Teachers create active learning relationships:

Engaging students in the active group and peer interaction build helps to build social skills. Teachers need to organize skill-building and operational learning activities that will help in building a relationship. It will also help in making the mind of the student active.

·       Enhancing Academic Abilities:

Teachers should not just limit themselves in active learning, but also enhance academic abilities. There are many ways on how they can improve their ability. Teachers give challenging assignments and evaluation-requiring student’s reflection.

·       They create curriculums fostering student’s development:

Another best way of building a positive future is by creating educational curriculums for students. Teachers need to work on building a curriculum that will help students in understanding the subject easily. The curriculum needs to be updated according to the current situation. The curriculum creates a comprehensive and interactive learning environment. Students will have a clear idea of how society works and other aspects of subjects they are learning.

·       Teaching Problem-Solving Skills

When they are in the early stage of school, they are taught how to solve problems using specific skills. Students get assignments that trigger a critical mind and teachers can assess these changes. On the other hand, students are mentally prepared for problem-solving skills.

·       Preparing for Teacher’s Role

To shape up students’ future, you as a teacher need to be mentally and physically ready for the hardship. Throughout your teaching journey, you will come across many students who may either be quick learners or take their own time. Before you enter into this job to teach in the public or private sector, you undergo the training. This helps in preparing self for challenges.

When you undergo the entrance test, you are examined at a different level. You need to prepare well for the entrance test. CTET is the gateway to a promising teaching career. By teaching students, you are producing promising students for the future who will live a good life ahead.