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A tale of an Indian village where Ram and Rahim live in perfect harmony

Mumbai :At a time when many question the apparent divide between “Ram and Rahim”, here’s one Rahim who keep the faith of Ram alive. Actions speak louder than words and Moti Bhai from Assam not only preaches but practices unity and religious tolerance.
Moti Bhai is a busy man – juggling his life between his responsibilities and duties. In his early 70s, Motiur Rahman is a God-fearing Muslim by religion but he looks after a Shiva temple in Rural Kamrup district of Assam. Every morning, right after the morning namaz, Moti Bhai heads towards Bhangura Than to sweep and wipe the premises of the place where Hindus offer prayers. A staunch believer in Islam, Moti Bahi has been looking after the Shiva temple since his childhood. He has been the driving force in keeping the faith of Bhaugra Than alive.
And Moti Bahi’s entire family helps him out.
Moti Bahi and the entire village of Rongmohol ardently believe that it’s the grace of Bhangur them safe from all evils. It is a belief so strong that the Muslim villagers, after their obeisance in the Masjid, light a lamp in Bhangura before they embark for any good work.
Besides the regular worship, Shivratri is celebrated with participation of the entire village in Bhangura Than. Muslims too actively participate in the festival and even give offerings to the Neelkanth. The tradition, which has proudly transpired from generation to generation, now is all set to be handed over to Moti Bhai’ son who says he is prepared to take forward the legacy.