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A Paradox of Blind Warriors with Precise Weapons


If you told someone who has a little understanding of monetary history, that Riba empowered the financial elite to influence everything from world wars to almost every social, political and economic event of global significance, chances are you would be labelled as loony. But Islamic scriptures like holy Quran and “Kitab Al-Byu” of Sahi Muslim forbids Muslims from indulging in fraudulent transactions not merely for moral reasons rather for devastating practical consequences. But Muslims have miserably failed to guard themselves against different forms of Riba like lending money on interest and modern paper currency, which represents the most dishonest and unjust transactions on the surface of the earth. Riba grants control over masses to the architects of the system like central bankers in the contemporary world. Now it is quite obvious that Muslims have become the most oppressed people on earth because the financial elite has used Riba to bring down opponents whether Muslim or non-Muslim nations like Venezuela, Greece, North Korea, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan and turkey on its knees regardless of their military might. Playing against natural laws is never a fruitful business irrespective of your faith, but as Islam is a way of life and thereby the scriptures of Islam have guided us to remain at bay from Riba, otherwise it will lead to slavery and Allah is not going to close this door of slavery. A close examination of the death and starvation of millions of people in the bloody battlefields of the 20th century reveals a disturbing story of financial elite about how they have financed both sides of the wars from money power achieved through Riba in order sabotage the Muslim world.

The World War 1 proved to be the last nail into the coffin of the Ottoman rule when the bankers started to infuse the money into the war machine through puppet politicians. The cannon fodders from both sides were financed by same banking umbrella through German, British and French Rothschild’s. Covert operations of banking cartel remained unnoticed to the public due to their control over leading media outlets of the time like Wolff, Reuters, and Havas. With first two years of the great war, Germany was about to emerge as a winner due to their submarine warfare and a greater financial support from banking cartel as compared to Britain and France because of the tussle of Rothschild’s with Russian Tsar. Any Peace agreement between fighting nations was never a profitable business for bankers because of the greed from war profiteering and the intention to establish the illegitimate state Israel. So the peace offer from Germany in 1916 to which England was about to agree was ruined by “Chaim Weitzman” the Zionist leader from Germany who later became the first president of Israel. Chaim Weitzman went to Britain war cabinet and said: “don’t capitulate to Germany; you can win the war if the US comes in as your ally provided you will help us in the establishment of Israel, once the tide turns into your favor”.

During the same time period, Walter Rothschild arranged a meeting of Chaim Weitzman with the first lord of Admiralty Sir James Balfour and David Lloyd George the Britain’s minister of munitions. Walter Rothschild has a great influence over these political figures so they agreed with Chaim Weitzman which later led to the birth of the Balfour Declaration. The Balfour Declaration of 1919 was simply an agreement of Great Britain with Zionist Bankers to help them in the establishment of Israel in return for US help in World War 1.

Now the concern of Zionist bankers was how to drag innocent US cannon fodders into a war machine against Germany. “He kept US out of war” was the slogan used by the Woodrow Wilson campaign that led the incumbent President to a narrow victory over Charles Evans Hughes in November 1916. But on April 2, 1917, President Wilson declared war against Germany. The mind-boggling conspiracy of Zionist bankers in the form of blackmailing, financial pressure and attack on SS Sussex the US passenger ferry forced president Wilson to break his election promises.  The Jew Untermeyer, an attorney in New York to which Kuhn Loeb bank headed by Rothschild agent Jacob Schiff was its main client.  The funding from both Untermeyer and Schiff to the election campaign of Woodrow Wilson helped him to win the presidential elections. The funding from Rothschild to President Wilson’s election campaign and the blackmailing of Wilson over his illicit relationship with the wife of his Princeton colleague forced him to appoint Zionist and Talmudic Jew, Louis Dembitz Brandeis on the first vacancy of US Supreme Court. Later Dembitz Brandeis with his other Zionist colleague Rabbi, Stephen Wise on the pretext of loss of US lives in German submarine attack on SS Sussex prompted President Wilson to take the fateful decision of launching the war against Germany in which the US lost about 116,516 soldiers, only to fulfill the dirty interests of Zionists bankers.

At last, the League of Nations through the treaty of Versailles of 28 June 1919 brought a formal end to World War 1 and now the ottoman controlled territory has to be divided according to the whim of victorious nations. So the League of Nations mandate rewarded France with the mandate for Syria and Britain with the mandate for Palestine which was later divided into separate Palestinian territory and the emirates of Transjordan (1921-1946). The former Ottoman controlled Arabians peninsula was granted to the Sultanate of Najd which later became Saudi Arabia due to the substantial role of the Saud family in defeating ottomans. The west shore of Persian Gulf of Ottoman Empire was either annexed by kingdom of Najd (Saudi Arabia) like Alahsa and Qatif or remained under British control like Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar till they became the sovereign states of the Persian Gulf.

A pause in the bloodshed after 11 November 1918 represents an end to the World War 1 for innocent cannon fodders, controlled by puppet politicians of Zionist bankers. But same is not true for financial elite rather they have sown the seeds for next mega conflict as ottoman collapse is only the first step to the installation of illegitimate state of Israel right into the heart of the Arab world and the league of nations has to be upgraded to more powerful and comprehensive international organizations like United Nations, World Trade Organization, World Bank and International Monetary Fund, so that every aspect of ignorant masses can be moulded according to the whim of Zionist bankers who have an illusion of a divine promise to rule over the world.

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