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5 healthy ways to lose weight in 10 days!

Looking for a faster way to shed those extra kilos and the unwanted fat around your waistline? Start with eating right, performing exercises in the correct posture and follow a healthy regime, overall. We suggest, avoid dieting if you can, as a well-balanced diet is necessary to have a great body.
If you are in a hurry to get slimmer, then here are five tips and tricks to lose weight in 10 days:
A healthy diet
Daily consumption of at least five to six small meals should have the right amount of protein, and healthy fats and should be low in carbohydrates. Also, consumption of green vegetables is extremely important because besides detoxing your body, they are known to be rich in fibres and complex carbohydrates.
Note: Intake of protein-rich foods like almond, eggs, milk, coconut not only keeps a check on the hunger pangs but also helps you to maintain muscular strength.
If you want great abs, crunches is a must. It also helps improve muscle strength and flexibility. Basic abdominal crunches, leg raises, knee-to-elbow and full sit-ups are very effective. For this, you need to raise your head and shoulders off the floor. Hold for three deep breaths, then return to starting position. You will feel the tension in the muscles of your abdomen.
Plank is the most effective, simplest core exercise you can ever do. It builds isometric strength to help sculpt your waistline and improves your posture. Depending on the type of plank, you can also engage your back, arms, shoulders, glutes, and hamstrings.
Planks give a better balance of muscles on the front, back and sides of the body during the activity. It is essentially an isometric exercise used to build endurance in the abdominals.
Waist training basics
It is one of the biggest myths that doing only crunches help reduce waistline. Crunches are essential, however, they only strengthen the core muscles and build endurance. To lose fat around the waist, it is very important to combine high-intensity interval training (HIIT) moves along with crunches to get magnum results. Start with cardio moves like skipping, jumping jacks, burpee and hand walk.
Drinking lots of water
One of the easiest and fail-proof ways of losing weight is drinking lots of water. It is calorie-free and helps keep a check on your appetite.
Drinking water before meals reduces appetite, which in turn decreases calorie intake and helps in losing weight.