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5 Awesome Indian Premier League (IPL) Concepts Copied by Other T20 Leagues

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BCCI’s brainchild, the Indian Premier League (IPL), was started in 2008, and over the years, it has developed into one of the most sought-after and lucrative outlets for the cricket game. IPL has been dominating the world of cricket for more than a decade. It is considered a guiding light for other T20 leagues across the globe. 

Whatever happens in IPL becomes an instant hit among cricket lovers around the world. Over the years, IPL has introduced many ingenious ideas to expand the excitement and extravaganza of the shortest format of cricket to the ever-growing world of T20 leagues. Thanks to the adrenaline rush of IPL on the ground, fantasy league Indian T20 is highly coveted. T20 fantasy cricket leagues allow cricket lovers to stay connected with the game from the comfort of their couch. While the 14th edition of IPL is being played in UAE, cricket fans can join in the fun by creating their fantasy cricket team and participating in IPL. 


The popularity of IPL resulted in many cricketing nations launching their T20 leagues. Today, there are seven renowned leagues across the globe – BBL (Big Bash League) from Australia, CPL (Caribbean Premier League) from West Indies, BPL (Bangladesh Premier League) from Bangladesh, MSL (Mzansi Super League) from South Africa, PSL (Pakistan Super League), T20 Blast from Wales and England, and Super Smash from New Zealand. All of these leagues are heavily influenced by the IPL, and cricket lovers can participate in the excitement of these leagues through the fantasy cricket app. 

So, what are the concepts introduced by IPL that became a huge hit and the leagues mentioned above are trying to implement? Let’s find out. 

  1. Player auction

Auctions are ideally related to historical monuments or antique pieces. That’s why the cricketing fraternity was surprised when IPL announced a player auction to be held before the inaugural season. The idea of auctioning players was so alien as no sport ever tried it before. 

A player auction was a genius way to entice prominent international cricketers and lure them with big money. Thanks to the presence of international cricketers, IPL achieved world record viewership. 

Other cricket leagues also followed suit by keeping player drafts for franchises to buy domestic and international cricketers through a bidding system. At present, the Pakistan Super League and Caribbean Premier League arrange player drafts, which is similar to actions. However, the only difference is instead of unlimited price caps in IPL auctions, there is a set maximum price to buy players. 

  1. Mid-innings time-outs

IPL introduced mid-innings time-outs to let teams try out new strategies. While the concept was welcomed by many, it was criticized by some former cricketers. But, eventually, the players accepted the new concept for the betterment of the team in an intense match. 

The concept of strategic time-outs is unique but a massive step toward testing the quick-thinking skills of the coaching staff. The time-outs play a vital role in changing the course of the match. In IPL, a total of four time-outs are allowed in a match where both the side get two time-outs each.

The Big Bash League and the Australian T20 competition followed the IPL and introduced strategic time-outs in their tournament. The BBL format only offers two time-outs instead of four, and only the batting side can take a time-out between the overs seven and thirteen. 

  1. Separate jerseys for home and away match 

Ideally, the concept of different club jerseys for different matches is seen in football. Football clubs have an away jersey for away matches and a home jersey for all home matches. It allows fans to differentiate which team is on the home side and which one is traveling. 

IPL partially introduced this concept when Royal Challengers Bangalore decided to wear two different jerseys for away and home matches. RCB wore a gold and red jersey for their home matches, and for their away matches, they wore a gold and black jersey. However, other teams were not too keen on this concept. 

The BBL has come up with the same idea and implemented it on a much broader basis as all the clubs are wearing different jerseys for home and away matches. 

  1. Caps for wicket keepers and leading run-scorers

IPL introduced a one-of-a-kind concept of Purple Cap and Orange cap. The leading run-scorer wears an orange-colored cap at that moment, and the leading wicket-taker at the moment dons a purple-colored cap. It allowed the viewers and spectators to quickly identify the top performers with the ball and bat throughout the tournament. 

The Australian Big Bash tournament introduced the same concept, but the cap is in a different color. The leading run-scorer or wicket-keeper dons a golden-colored cap at that moment. 

  1. Fan parks 

The concept of Fan Parks is another alien and unique concept introduced by IPL in 2013. The concept is geared toward cricket fans who don’t belong to the eight big cities of India. 

As you must be aware, IPL has eight teams from eight big cities. These eight cities have fabulous cricket stadiums where the home side plays their home matches in a carnivalesque atmosphere. The residents of these cities come and enjoy watching their favorite cricket players play in front of their eyes. 

But what about the people who don’t have an IPL team in their state? IPL has ensured that these people don’t miss out on the electrifying, magical atmosphere with the concept of Fan Parks. Empty parks around these cities get transformed into festival-like places where IPL matches are broadcasted on big screens. People can come and sit, eat and drink from the myriad stalls and enjoy the match with their loved ones at no cost. 

PSL has introduced a similar concept. They’re also gearing up to create fan parks across the country, starting from the 2020 PSL season. 

The cricketing nations and cricket fans worldwide have their eyes peeled for more new concepts IPL will come up with in the future.