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3 weeks on, White House unfollows PM Modi on Twitter


The official Twitter account of White House, the residence and workplace of the president of the United States, doesn’t follow Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi anymore on the micro-blogging site, India Today reported.

‘The White House, which has 22 million followers on Twitter, follows only 13 accounts now.


On April 11, roughly two weeks ago, PM Modi was the only world leader to have been followed by the White House. Besides the Indian Prime Minister, five other India-related accounts — President Of India, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Indian embassy in Washington D.C. were followed by the office and residence of the US President.

All those accounts have also been unfollowed by the White House on Twitter now. Among the 13 accounts it follows, are that of Donald Trump, the official account of the US President (POTUS), the first lady Melania Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence and a few others who are part of the Trump administration and communications team.

President Trump and Prime Minister Modi are considered very close to each other and the two leaders have on a regular basis lauded each other’s leadership on world platforms as well as in person.

However, in the first week of April, in a strongly-worded response to a question by a journalist, President Trump had warned India of “retaliation” after the latter’s decision to ban the export of Hydroxychloroquine, a medicine said to be effective in the fight against the deadly Coronavirus.

Within hours, India lifted the ban partially and allowed the export of the drug to the United States following which Trump had thanked PM Modi.